How many times in a day do you go incognito? Or use Google Chrome Incognito:

One? Three? Seven?

If you are like me, you rarely use the Guest mode of Google Chrome and when you do, you clear the history. It’s not about the content we are seeing, it’s more about our privacy. After all, we all have been subjected to ridicule about our Google search history.

You want to Google “Dark Secrets of Celebrities 2k17” but you’re afraid to do so. Your brother will be using your laptop and if you clear the history, he’ll know. Sometimes we do clear the history and Google stills keep showing it, and that too in highlight. In embarrassing moments like these, the Google Chrome incognito mode is a savior. A free land, unlike America, where you can search and watch anything that would deem uncool in your social circle without having tabs to delete it. Your internet activity is now going through a layer of privacy. You’re secure. Or so you think.

Want to know more about how they can threaten you? Here is a Black Mirror episode “Shut up and Dance” review for you.

Why Google Chrome incognito mode is not reliable:

Google developer, Darin Fisher, recently revealed that your employers and internet service providers know what you’ve searched for even in the hidden mode. Darrin explained that they did not want to call it “privacy mode” — as it is not completely private.

He told online magazine Thrillist: “When you launch the Google Chrome incognito tab there’s this disclaimer there where we really try to help make it really clear to people that your activity is certainly still visible to the websites you visit and could be visible to your employer, to your school, and to your [internet service provider]of course”.

If you open Google incognito mode right now, you will read the disclaimer.

It further says that

“Your downloads and bookmarks will be saved. Chrome won’t save your browsing history, site data and information entered in forms”.

Something about Chrome not saving your history in your browser cache, nothing about Chrome not saving your history on Google’s servers.

“Your activity might still be visible to the websites you visit, your employer, or your internet service provider.”

That is reassuring. The next time you go incognito, remember, someone is always watching you.

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