David Deutsch said that quantum computation will allow useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes. There is no doubt that breakthrough technologies every year always have quantum computers in their list because with so much done, there is still a lot to do here. With theoretical designs being built, the corporate funding has been increased from IBM, Intel, Google, and Microsoft in order to develop assorted technologies and the research to be carried on.
Quantum numbers are good at solving many things which are hard for normal digital computers. The question is what can we really do with quantum numbers?

Applications of Quantum computers

Below are some of the major applications of Quantum Computers. they are improving over time as this generation of computers takes its step to being commercially available.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the primary application in this aspect. Since AI is built on the principle of becoming accurate when feedback is given, learning from experiences till the computer program tends to have intelligence, quantum computers have a good candidate here as the feedback is created through probabilities for many possible choices.
Quantum computers are being used by Google to make a software that will differentiate cars from landmarks. Even Lockheed Martin is going ahead with testing autopilot software through its D-Wave quantum computer which is hard for classical computers. These technologies are being developed by Intel and Google. Quantum computers can be used in detecting earthquakes in time along with the help of AI systems.

Circuit, Software, and System Fault Simulation

Large software systems have millions of codes along with so many transistors and verifying them for their accuracy is extremely hard and expensive. It is important that the system operates normally and detects in case some error occurs. Mitigating possible problems through recovery mechanism is a must because error costs are quite high. Classical computers find it hard to check every single one in the simulation. But through quantum computing, one will experience an amazing coverage in terms of simulations in an improved time.

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Factoring large numbers into primes is still a hard task for online security. Digitals computers can accomplish such work as well. But they take a lot of time in cracking the code which becomes impractical and expensive. Quantum computers are very efficient in factoring proving to be a good use for security. Its role provides us with cryptographic keys between the remote parties with implicit security. Leigh Chase is a computer scientist currently working in IBM. She says we should look forward to the near future where we can use quantum computers in different types of data transformation operations. This will achieve results in the IT world that no one has ever achieved before as there is a lot of processing benefits in superposition and entanglement. They can be applied in this field to improve random number generation.

Logistics and Scheduling

Logistics and scheduling include a lot of common optimizations that are used in an industry. For example, a logistics manager of airline wants to figure out a way to provide his excellent services at a very low cost. Or a factory manager who has tons of production orders, inventory, machines, and employees. He can minimize the overall cost with maximum output. A pricing manager needs it to figure out optimum prices of so many cars to maximize his profit through customer satisfaction. Classical computing is used a lot for such tasks. However, there are a lot of things within the company that are extremely complex. But they can easily be dealt with a quantum approach. For instance, optimizing new algorithms for logistics companies.

Molecular Modeling

Optimum configurations for chemical reactions, molecular interactions, and precision modeling cannot be analyzed through digital computers and this is where quantum computers come in. They do not find it hard to evaluate the most complex processes either.

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