Two Videos have been released showing a fatal crash due to an Uber’s autonomous car on Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona.

Uber autonomous car crash

Elaine Herzberg, a 49-year-old, was going on her bike across the road when a self-driving autonomous car hit her from the side. According to experts and video from the police, the car could not be able to stop or slow down in time.

There are 2 videos found for the accident. The car dash cam video shows the impact from the front and another video is from Uber operator which monitors the car control.

Uber has stopped and suspended its trials of self-driving cars in North America after this crash.

Tempe Police has released the video on Wednesday which shows an Uber operator sitting inside autonomous Volvo. The person seems to be looking down at something during the drive.

We can see after some time; Mr. Herzberg was trying to cross the highway when the Uber operator sees her moments before the impact.

Uber has shared their thoughts with Elaine’s family, “The video is disturbing and heartbreaking to watch, and our thoughts continue to be with Elaine’s loved ones”.

Uber said in a conference, “Our cars remain grounded, and we’re assisting local, state and federal authorities in any way we can”. It was a Sunday night and Mr. Herzberg was on her bicycle but she was not using the pedestrian crossing, according to local police.

Mr. Herzberg was taken to the hospital but she could not be able to survive and died of her injuries.

“This Tempe incident will be investigated”, US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in their briefing.

The autonomous cars have been in multiple accidents before but this was the first time, a pedestrian was hit in a fatal collision and died.

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