Every year, a huge number of skilled Australian business startups come spilling out of the woodwork, beginning new companies with intense thoughts, and looking for financing, clients, or just acknowledgment.

These business people are the foundation of Australia’s startup environment. Most of them once discover an achievement, then plunge back in, to look for another.

Top successful startups in Australia 2018

We know it’s difficult to perceive each encouraging new startup. But we have assembled here 5 promising startups in 2018 that have gotten our attention at the moment.

1. Checkbox

Founder: Evan Wong

Website: http://www.checkbox.ai

What is it: Checkbox seamlessly integrates the concepts of a form builder, visual decision-tree mapping, spreadsheet, and document automation to enable the rapid deployment and maintenance of software without any coding.

24-year-old young Evan Wong is running two of his business startups successfully and appears to be well on his way. Checkbox is one of those businesses which happened to get the attention of IT companies in Australia. Recently, it won Best startup at StartCon Pitch Competition. And winning this competition means the team will go on to represent Australia on the world stage at Startup World Cup in 2018. They’ve received $10,000 in prize money as a result.

Source: www.checkbox.ai

Checkbox is in the top 5 successful startups in Australia and the question is why?

The answer is Checkbox has transformed a messy, unorganized and a hectic work process into an understandable, user-friendly solution in the cloud-based world. Everything is automated from decision making to reporting.

2. Different

Founder: Mina Radhakrishnan and Ruwin Perera

Website: https://different.com.au/

What is it: Different is a full-service property management for $100/month by automating the things that people forget, put off, or let slip. The startup let people focus on creating and nurturing relationships with owners and tenants while letting the technology handle the day-to-day transactions.

Source: www.different.com.au

The company is looking to make renting and property management easier for property owners and is headed up by Google and Uber. The two founders recently completed a $1.3 million seed round and have seen an uptake of the platform to the point they had to disable their advertising.

The reason for it being in the top 5 is the idea itself?  It’s very different which combines one of the problems with technology to do something better for the people and make their lives easier.

3. CancerAid

Founder:  Nikhil Pooviah and Raghav Murali-Ganesh

Website: https://www.canceraid.com

What is it: CancerAid is a first-of-its-kind tool that helps anyone diagnosed with cancer navigate through each stage of their cancer journey. The app brings patients and caregivers greater structure in their lives by providing them with an easy to use organizational platform and a medically reliable source of cancer information.

Source: www.canceraid.com

CancerAid, after closing a $1.25 million funding round at the end of 2016, receiving further investment from investor Glen Richards on Shark Tank, and being named as a “standout launch” by Apple on its app store. Recently, they also won 2017’s Talent Unleashed awards, and won a trip to Silicon Valley to meet global startup leaders and pitch their cancer resources app. Till now, they have raised up to $4.25 million. Their goal is to make CancerAid the number one resource for patients when faced with a cancer diagnosis. This would help them in improving their satisfaction.

4. MentorLoop

Founder:  Lucy Lloyd and Heidi Holmes

Website: https://www.mentorloop.com/

What is it: It is a mentoring software platform which enables organizations to easily match their people into effective mentorships at any scale – saving days of work and guaranteeing better results. It is a cloud-based program with streamlines admin that helps in enhancing communication and tracks progress. It also helps to maximize your impact and guarantee people with custom branded marketing portals and materials.


After closing a $725,000 funding round last month, MentorLoop has now raised over $1 million and landed a number of big-name partnerships, including with Monash University and the Australian Olympic Committee. This, helped them to have a 500% revenue growth over 2017. The plan is to focus on further expanding their mentoring connecting options to cross-company mentoring. Then eventually opening up the platform to anyone looking for a mentor. Mentorloop has announced they have closed a $725,000 oversubscribed seed round from Blackbird Ventures. And Tempus Partners, bringing their total funds raised to $1 million.

5. Power Ledger

Founder: Dave Martin and Jemma Green

Website: https://powerledger.io/

What is it: Power Ledger is a peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy. It includes P2P trading, NEO Retailing, Embedded Networks operation, etc.

Power Ledger team managed to raise $34 million in investment to help build their power-trading on the blockchain company. But that wasn’t the end of the company’s wins. It also recently locked down part of an $8 million federal government Smart Cities grant to help roll out its tech in Fremantle. The company might use quantum computers in the near future.

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