Top Female Dota 2 Players in Pakistan

Top Female Dota 2 Players in Pakistan

Dota 2, the famous multiplayer game all over the world has made its impression among young girls. The game has been going on for ages. It has been listed in the top multiplayer games for the year 2018. What amazes us is the increasing number of young girls putting their hard efforts to come in top rankings from every country.

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Top Female Dota 2 Players in Pakistan

1. Kitty:

Rameesha, goes by the nick “Kitty” is 22 with a 4.3k solo mmr at the moment.

I am a makeup artist who owns her saloon. A crazy animal lover, a sketcher, and an avid reader. I work 5 – 6 hours a day and after that, I enjoy my video games. Falling toward the introversion side, I choose to stay at home and stream media on YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix.

A gamer since the age of 11, I consider gaming as my forte. Easily put, I’m good at every game I play. I played Counter strike 1.6 for 7 years and switched to Dota 2. Currently, I have 4.3k solo (Ancient) MMR and for now, my goal is to reach divine.

2. Oxymoron Witch:

Oxymoron Witch is really into games and she loves to watch animes. Her real name is Sehar and she is 24. Her Dota 2 solo mmr is 3.4k at the moment.

Well, I like to play games more than anything because it’s a great escape from reality. Dota 2 is that kind of game that will make us forget our problems of life, and who doesn’t want an escape for some hours?

I am playing Dota since 2013. I started Dota like I would any other game but have found myself immersed in it, especially with the team of 4 amazing girls. My team has me play the support “guy”. I play at position 5. Currently, you might call me average but I aspire to reach the pro level. Enough with the “noobs” criticism.

3. Queen:

Hiba “Queen” Zubairi plays Dota 2 and CS: Go for fun and her solo mmr went up to 3.3k in Dota 2.

My journey in gaming started when I was a child. I had a creative mindset since kindergarten which treads us toward the answer to why I choose to become an artist. I stepped into the gaming world through Counter strike and my passion drove me towards being the best female CS player in Pakistan.

Later on, I started playing Dota as I loved how strategic it is. I have been playing it for almost 4 years and I have hit 3.3k solo which keeps me, in lack of a better word, motivated. I do play other games like PUBG & CS:Go, but Dota 2 will always be my first priority.

4. Hibana:

Hibana, the youngest of all has a thing for Dota 2. She is 16 but ready to play for the TI. Her real name is Hiba, guess we have 2 best female players with the same name. She is currently sitting on 2.7k mmr.

I started playing Dota a year ago. I’m 16 years old and I have been crazy about games since my early childhood. Dota 2 is not a game for me, it’s my passion. I would love to be pro at Dota with my teammates. We want to promote gaming in Pakistan for females because we see there is so much talent in here. It’s not a “man’s” game, we’re shining here, too.

5. Jujubeez :

Mahnoor, 22 is majoring in Environmental Sciences and loves to play Dota 2 whenever she has the chance. Her nick is “Jujubeez” with a solo mmr of 2.1k.

In my free time, though, I love to watch horror and animated movies, read or sleep. I’ve been keen on protecting wildlife and nature since I could remember. I sleep a lot for a regular person. If I can manage to sleep 14 hours a day, I’d wake up for a snack and would have no trouble sleeping 14 hours more. Talk about a lit summer break.

I started Dota during my O-levels and remember them Garena days and the queues in matchmaking. I didn’t play frequently back then and was seen leaving it. However, Dota 2’s popularity had me giving it a go one more time and now, now I have been playing for 3 years. It takes a toll on you if you play too much, its nerve wrecking really! But alas, I can’t hate the game; still gonna play and complain about noob pinoys “Tanga ina mo bobo”.

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