7.8 Awesome
  • PTCL 8.8
  • Zong 4g 8.4
  • Qubee 7.8
  • Wi-tribe 7.2
  • PTCL 4g Evo 7.0

Tim Berner says that he feels it is very important that my ISP supplies internet to my house like the water company supplies water. It supplies connectivity with no strings attached.
Well, that’s how we all feel as ISPs are being more proficient than ever before keeping a good pace with time. Anyways, once upon a time, the internet was just a need or a requisite for important work that was to be done on time. However; the situation is just poles apart in this era and it has become more of a lifestyle as well as a lifeline to all of us. Pakistan is a developing nation making paths for more progress to take place in future and it keeps on coming up with good internet providers over time that proves to be tough competitors with one another. Broadband Internet service providers are basically centered on the reliability of their;

Top 5 Internet Connections in Pakistan

1) Connection

2) Speed and of course,

3) Money.

Hence, we have scored them in order according to these factors.

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1. PTCL broadband- 4 Mbps:

First up we have is PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication company limited) which provides easy installation process that are 3 working days along with fast internet speed of about 4 Mbps. The majority of the locals according to our survey chose PTCL broadband mainly due to their largest coverage area as well as unlimited download limit (which means more games and movies on your list) compared to others, especially in Karachi. Installation charges are about PKR 1500 while monthly charges revolve around PKR 1775. One factor that PTCL still has to work on is their customer service. The first month expenses will be around PKR 3000. Going for 1Mbps and 2 Mbps for PKR 1,399 and PKR 1,599 respectively isn’t a bad idea either for light surfing and browsing.

2. Zong 4g Wingle- 50 GB Package:

Next up is the fastest and one of the best service providers in Pakistan; Zong 4g wingle! Over the few past years, Zong has progressed itself quite a lot. For people who are looking for limited usage along with high-speed internet, this is definitely the best option so far with the available usage of about 50 GB and 36 Mbps internet speed. The installation charges are none (best part) and the monthly charges are about PKR 2000. The first month expenses will be around PKR 4000. However, Zong 4g wingle sure does have an upper hand on customer service so far. Zong even offers 24GB, 100 GB, 150 GB and 200 GB costing up to PKR 1500, PKR 5000, PKR 8000 and PKR 10,000 respectively. Good Gbs on a budget is hard to find. Our recommendation- 50 GB package should do the job!

3. Qubee Supreme Max- 4 Mbps:

We have kept it on number three because the major drawback it has for now is the limited city coverage in Pakistan. Other than that, it is a perfect home internet for everyday use with good reasonable rates with PKR 1000 as installation charges and PKR 1999 as monthly charges. Qubee broadband sure does provides us with a pretty fast internet speed of 4 Mbps and unlimited download policy of about 90 GB.However, 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps and 3 Mbps for PKR 1400, PKR 1500 and PKR 1700 respectively are also available for users who prefer more economical prices and are willing sacrifice on speed.

4. Wi-tribe- 3 Mbps:

Perhaps offering one of the cheapest packages available in Pakistan, this internet service provider based in Qatar scores up to number 4 on our list with undoubtedly, an amazing customer service. The package consists of 3 Mbps with value-added services to attract customers like availing free tv net for the first month of connection. The downloading speed is quite convenient for home downloads. Installation charges are up to PKR 500 while monthly charges are about PKR 1699. Even though there is more on their bucket list for residential users that are 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps and 5 Mbps ( unlimited GB data) with monthly charges PKR 1399, PKR 1799 and PKR 2199 respectively, 3 Mbps broadband seems to be pretty affordable.

5. PTCL Charji Evo- 50 GB:

Last but not the least, this is for those who are more into budgeting and want fast internet connections as well. This 4G broadband service is no doubt quite popular in Pakistan these days and many are shifting from other service providers to here. It proves to be quite perfect for those who prefer watching movies and TV dramas online rather than downloading them as it fits the 50 GB download limit. Moreover, since there are no installation charges, the monthly costs are up to PKR 2000. The speed of 36 Mbps is quite good for daily surfing and using it all the time for light internet activities. Further packages include 10 GB, 20 GB, 25 GB, 75 GB with monthly line rents of PRKR 1000, PKR 1250, PKR 1500 and PKR 2500. 50 GB making it up to top 5 proves to be the most suitable among these.

With that being said, try to figure out which internet service truly capacitates you and your daily tasks, in which category you fall in and go for it. As long as you are willing to sacrifice a bit on the customer service, you are good to go!

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