Scrolling through products using a different country’s Amazon website was really a tedious and hopeless work, wasn’t it?

Amazon has launched international deliveries

No worries as now Amazon has covered this problem by launching its international Amazon shopping app where rather than scrolling up and down and filling the cart and then delete it you can also buy the products. This app is available in Apple’s app store and Google Play. The services will only show those products which Amazon can deliver to your desired location. You can look through this site in five languages: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German and Brazilian Portuguese and includes 25 currencies, with more currencies and languages to be further added.


Upon installation, the app will automatically detect for your location. However if you already have the app installed, you will have to perform the following. Go to Settings>Country and Language > International Shopping. Fill the options of language and currency accordingly. Once the process is complete the app will display the products that are eligible to be delivered to the given location.

This feature can only be accessed in the country where there is no localized app of Amazon. For instance India having a localized app in the country cannot access this feature.


Here you can shop over 45 million eligible items that can be shipped to your selected delivery location. Current categories that are available in this feature are clothing, shoes, electronics, books, and toys. Regarding the price, the app displays clear prices which includes products cost, shipping costs, and import duties estimates. Also, Amazon is coordinating with courier services for customs clearance on behalf of its customers. However, in particular, the import tax segment hasn’t changed.

Exclusive features

We all know how stubborn we get when it comes to delivering products especially when its online due to its long waiting periods. This is the point where Amazon gained its market attention by introducing an option of speed delivery. Amazon has given us a choice of different shipping options where you can order according to how quick you want your package.

Mostly the fees added to the price of the product are 75% of the product price which makes Amazon less attractive however there is an option for free delivery on large orders but varies based on locations.

Samir Kumar, VP of Amazon exports and expansion, said in a statement that they are always innovating on behalf of their customers, and with this launch, they make the shopping experience on mobile devices even better and more convenient for their customers who live outside the US.

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