State of Decay 2 Review

State of Decay 2 Review: Is it worth playing?

You hear them coming. The scream and the slow rustle of leaves are following you; getting louder and louder as you run faster and faster. You get tripped by a branch lying down and fall over. You look back. A disoriented face with a few strands of hair comes closer towards you. Pupils the color of the ocean, skin tore apart from the face, teeth coming out; you scream.

That’s what most episodes of The Walking Dead were like back in the starting seasons, right? Hunting for food, setting up bases, running away from the dead, the usual. The world after a zombie apocalypse isn’t a new thing; we’ve been there with movies like Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later. The horror-survival genre of entertainment has a curiosity attached to them. The audience leaves the theatre wondering,

“Could I have survived that?”

State of Decay 2 Review
State of Decay 2- Infected Swarming the Town


State of decay 2 lets you find just that out. It presents you with an open world attacked by zombies where you have to, well, survive. The game lacks some depth and have some technical issues but provides satisfying combat with enough gore and violence, the right amount to an open world zombie survival video game. It is horror but totally opposite to something like Resident Evil 7.


  • Satisfying combat
  • Variety of zombies

Not so Impressive:

  • Could have been more engaging
  • Dull visuals
  • Technical bugs

State of Decay 2 Review

Developed by Undead Labs (the studio for developing, you guessed it, zombie survival games) and published by Microsoft Studios comes the sequel to 2013 State of Decay, State of Decay 2 released on May 22, 2018, for Windows and Xbox One.

The game offers more options than its predecessor. There are different characters to start the game off with that have entirely different background stories, something that wouldn’t be vital for some hours into the gameplay. You can play with three other friends to combat against the zombies. State of Decay 2 is set in third person view and focuses on resolving the community needs and build around combat, resource looting, and base building.

State of Decay 2 Review
State of Decay 2- Building the Comunity

Every character has a unique set of abilities ranging from cardio to gardening. This makes each two-person team different from the others instead of better. The game becomes somewhat colorful after you recruit different survivors and they start interacting. Swapping characters is crucial to a successful gameplay.

The Plot

The world after a zombie attack aftermath is all about having the right skills to fight and survive. State of Decay 2 starts with the selected team members running around a refugee camp toward a military outpost followed by the dead. It soon dawns upon them the army has left them and they have to meet up with the last humans to set up different systems for survival.

State of Decay 2 offers an open world game divided into three different maps, each with its own settings. The players start with a team of two and over time recruits new members to help them maintain an entire community, also known as building the system. These systems are all about collecting resources and saving yourself Blood Plague; a sickness that’s growing and needs to be cured. The objective is to destroy zombie settles investments and eradicate the Blood Plaque for the better of your community.

The Gameplay

State of Decay 2 is a third person, multiplayer, horror survival game. The game starts fighting the zombies in an area that depends on the two-person team you choose and later builds toward scouting land areas for your community and eradicating the Blood Plague. The player’s focus is not on one character but on the survival of the whole community.


The players can recruit new members to help them maintain the community which can be individually controlled. The players can also use different kinds of weapons for combat each with its own pros and cons. Combat depends entirely upon the weapon of choice so you can decide to take the zombies down in one go or tear them limb by limb. Also, persistent use leaves a weapon damaged which then has to be replaced.

Different players can engage in an immersive gameplay, however, items between multi-players cannot be shared. Each player can use the resources from their’s community to build their own. The game allows fast searches of items which are noisy and can attract zombies. Different kinds of zombies provide a variety to the gameplay with Bloaters that attract other zombies toward you, Ferals that jolt around high speeds and Juggernauts that provides you with a strategic combat.

The gameplay is simple in its objective as you have to scout out areas for supplies for your community. Decision making is simple; you will eventually find supplies for your community which leaves the flavor of tension out of the gameplay. Hence, the decisions you take do not make you feel pressured leaving an aftertaste of shallowness.

State of Decay 2 – Combat

Graphics glitches are frequent. The game runs extremely poor in some moments with the frame rate dropping down monetarily locking up the screen. Because of this, gameplay can be quite frustrating. This can become fatal during a combat as it leaves you clueless with a black screen! Night time zombies and their fast pace jump to your faces add to the horror but we still found the game dragged and somewhat boring. Combat relies on one button press so you can mindlessly keep pressing the same button and keep taking down zombies which in our opinion is not very dynamic.

Then there the technical bugs. Characters can go missing without an explanation as multiple times we found our recruiters missing from the expedition. Zombies will appear out of the map if you’re traveling on a high-speed vehicle. The voice acting leaves you uninterested. Also, the characters’ body movements are not what we would call engaging since they are either standing mannequin style or merely running around. Top it with graphics that could have been much more interesting and immersive considering the game is released in 2018.

Final Verdict

The game is good for a few hours but doesn’t keep you off your chair for an extensive gameplay. Players focused on maintaining a community by resource collection, management and fighting the zombies will find it entertaining. The TechSeer will give it a solid 6.5 out of 10.