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Sony PlayStation VR headset sits comfortably on your head and gives you a good lag-free gaming experience. You will not feel nausea due to 18ms latency. But you can use it on PS4 only. There is a light leakage problem and frequent disconnections occur during game because of the movement. The TechSeer will give it a 7.8 out of a solid 10.

Oculus Go and HTC Vive have revolutionized the PC Gaming with the introduction of featured VR headsets. Now its time for Sony to launch their very own PlayStation VR headset specifically made for PlayStation games. You will need a Sony camera and a PS4 Original, Slim or Pro along with DualShock 4 or Move Controllers to connect your PS4 VR headset. Read our Sony Playstation VR headset review to find out if this is for you.

Sony PlayStation VR headset review


  • Sits comfortably on your head
  • Almost no nausea feeling
  • 18ms latency with no lags


  • Light leakage
  • Need lots of accessories
  • Disconnects during gameplay
  • Limited area to play

Availability and Pricing

The PS4 camera and VR headset are available worldwide. You can purchase them from eBay or Amazon or from your local vendors. It has a starting price of £229 in the UK which came down from £349. In the USA the same package cost around $220 while in Australia, you can purchase it from AU$400. The package will include PS4 camera and VR headset along with a small VR unit and earbuds.

How does PlayStation VR work?

Reality headset works on producing 2 images simultaneously then sending it to the person wearing that headset. Normally other virtual reality headsets need an expensive graphics card for this job as most of them are PC compatible but this is not the case here. PlayStation VR does not require a graphics card, it can process the images through PlayStation 4 builtin GPU.
You will need a PlayStation camera to track 9 different ports on the front and back of the PlayStation VR. There are also lights on the DualShock 4/Move controllers for the camera to observe your hand gestures. Every game requires different ports to track so it depends which type of game you’re gonna play. The problem here is that PlayStation VR uses only one camera for all the tracking. It sometimes lost control. Meaning? It means that your controllers won’t sync with the game at some point when this happens.

How does this happen?

Sony is using only one camera at the moment and one camera cannot track all of your movements, especially when your head is moving back and forward while the body is standing or sitting sometimes even moving due to the nature of the game.
Think of it this way, you cannot watch a cricket match with only one camera. They have dozens of cameras on the spot to give you an amazing experience.
PlayStation VR competitor HTC Vive Pro offers true room-scale experience at this point. PS VR supports this too but you can stand and only take 2-3 steps before it warns you that you are too far away from the system. HTC Vive in this matter offers almost a full room track because let’s be honest, if you are playing something like Resident Evil 7 on VR then you out to be moving here and there and it would be so much annoying with all those errors popping up saying you are too far away. What’s the point of playing in VR then if you can’t even indulge yourself properly?

So a better option here is just to sit or stand stationary. Sitting is better for some players who have a problem of motion sickness during VR gameplay. But you cannot always sit on your ass. You need to get up for some of the VR games out there if you really want to enjoy them.

You actually need to angle your camera so it can detect all of your movements. A corner spot is perfect since that way it can cover most of the room and you won’t have a problem switching places because camera recalibrates whenever you move.

What actually is VR and why so much hype about it?

Why do we play games? I think we play games to keep ourselves away from the real world and its anxieties. But you can still listen to your roommate or your family when playing normal games. So developers went next level on this. They are creating these VR headsets to make us feel we are not at home. We are somewhere far away, maybe to another planet. It is cool to think about, you are actually at your home but your imagination is far somewhere else in a different universe.

Sony Playstation VR headset Features

You can play 1080p games on PlayStation VR on a 5.7 inch OLED display featuring 920xRGBx1080 resolution. The refresh rate actually depends on the games. You can play games at 90Hz or even 120Hz. Most of the gaming laptops today are coming with up to 144Hz. A 120Hz means that image refresh itself 120 times in one second. The more it is; the better the gameplay will be.

There is one other thing which we need to specify here, the latency or response rate. While the competitors haven’t really talked about the response rate; Sony has claimed that its response rate is locked at 18ms. This means you will notice much less lags comparatively.

One of the main edge Sony has over its competitors “HTC” and “Oculus” is its already established market and fan following. Console gamers usually go for Sony PlayStation or Xbox. We’ll keep Nintendo out of the equation at this time because let’s be honest here; their primary audience is kids only. Anyway, so normal console gamers would prefer going for Sony PlayStation VR because it has a name, good reputation and some of the top developers work for them plus they already have many gaming titles out there which are specifically made to play on VR.

We’ll soon update you with our top VR games for this year. They range from first and third person to shooting, arcade and adventure games.

PS4 or PS4 Pro?

If you are new to console gaming and eager to play VR games; then you would think about which console to choose from. PS4 or PS4 Pro?

PS4 Pro is more powerful in terms of graphics. In short, it is more capable than PS4. We felt minor changes when we compared both consoles side by side and played VR games on them. PS4 Pro had more detailed graphics, a better texture, and smooth lag free experience.

You will feel it only if you are a Michael Scofield. Yeah, he was the main actor in “Prison Break” and was really a microscopy guy. Meaning? It means if you will observe the difference if you want to or if you play too many VR games which is actually not good for you. Most of the VR companies ask you to play only for 15-20 minutes at a time. Anyway, you can go for both consoles and there is not much of a huge difference.

Build and Design

We won’t go fancy here but the build on PlayStation VR is remarkable. It is finished with white and black matte plastic. There are seven blue lights on the front which PlayStation camera use to track your body and head movement. There are two extra blue lights on the back in case you want to turn back for some games.

The comfort is the main thing here which competitors lack. The headset is wrapped around your head and has various options to adjust according to your liking. It has a thick cushion layered around the headset from inside so you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing. The comfort level is better than its competitor. Why? Because most of the weight is on your head, unlike other VR headsets where some of the weight is on your nose and forehead hence making you uncomfortable after a while due to increased pressure.

Major Drawbacks:

Light Leakage: You can literally put on this headset for more than an hour and won’t feel uncomfortable. All headsets come with seals to avoid lights from outside. Due to more pressure on your head and less on your nose and forehead; there is a space left between the nose and forehead hence you will experience a light leakage problem on PlayStation 4 VR headset. This is one of the major drawbacks of PS4 VR since you cant focus properly on your game and that is the main objective of using a VR headset.

Not a wireless headset entirely: It is not entirely a wireless VR headset and unlike others, you need to sync it with your system all the time. You can use the attached cord to change the volume or turn off the headset. This cord is attacked with the PlayStation VR’s processing unit. You can find a headphone jack there to use your old school headphones with it.

Cheap earbuds: We found cheap earbuds from Sony when we were unboxing our unit. I won’t recommend you to use it since the quality and build is pathetic and I felt like using 5 dollar earbuds purchased from eBay. I recommend you to go with any good quality headphones here.

Extra processing unit: You will get an additional small unit with dimensions of 5.6×1.4 x5.6 inches. It’s not here to boost your graphics performance. It is responsible for assisting in 3D audio processing, to enable Cinematic mode, helping in social screen TV output and HDMI cable management. So you will have to manage an extra box along with your other accessories on your gaming shelf now.


Oculus and HTC are coming with new VR wearables soon. But this Sony VR headset is not behind. The main difference between these headsets is that you can use both of the competitors’ headset on your gaming PC but PS4 VR is especially for PlayStation 4. You can play games with maximum settings on HTC and Oculus. We hardly found any lag considering we were playing on a GTX 1080 which is one of the most powerful graphics units out there.

You won’t find such good graphics on a PS4 headset. They are decent enough but not too natural looking. As we have told you before, you will have to face disconnections on PS4 VR due to one camera and you have to recalibrate and connect from time to time which is really annoying.
Due to 18ms latency speed; you won’t feel nauseated. And most of the weight is on the head so you will feel much more comfortable comparatively. I mostly played Resident Evil 7, Tekken and Star Wars on VR. Tekken was the one I enjoyed the most. You can focus more with less pressure but light leakage was one of the major problems.

Cinematic Mode: You can use cinematic mode to watch 2D movies and shows in the VR. I’m not sure whether you would want that or not. A 1:30 to 2-hour movie can really have an impact on your eyes in long terms especially for teens. It won’t transform your movies from 2D to 3D but you can enjoy a supersize virtual experience on your VR headset.


No matter how realistic they tell you it will be; It won’t be. We are still behind. You will clearly feel that you are playing on VR. These companies still need time and technology to improve their current position. Sony PlayStation VR offers good value but comes with some problems as well. You won’t feel nauseated but you won’t feel a true VR experience as well due to light leakage. They couldn’t fix it because the headset rests at your head, unlike other headsets. You can use it just on PlayStation 4 for now. We cannot say it is better than Oculus or HTC Vive. In the end, it really depends whether you are a console gamer or a true PC fan.
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