Hunger Games (The Movie) came out in early 2010 and set the industry on fire. The concept was different, unique and thrilling. The movie was solely based on one agenda which is to “Survive” no matter what you do. You die in the Hunger Games, you die in real life.
Watching something like the Hunger Games set ablaze the fans. Who wouldn’t want to live as one of the Hunger Games participants for once in their lives? I would, without a second thought.

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds Review

Knowing what the trend was, PUBG Corporation (pronounced pub-gee) came forward with a unique concept. They didn’t replicate the movie totally but for a game, the gameplay concept was different. As The TechSeer spoke to a junior developer at PUBG Corporation, his views were as follows:

“We were scared, we were nervous and we didn’t know how the players shall perceive this game”.

To be honest, he’s right. You should be scared of making something totally out of the blue. Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds was release on March 27, 2017, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One initially. Steam took the opportunity to publish the game and god they made the right decision. PUBG cost 30$ at the time of release and the reviews kept coming in. Steam community flooded the forums just with sentences like “One of the best game”. “Loving the mechanics”. “I got my first win!” and a lot more.
PUBG was shortly the number one trend all around the globe and honestly speaking, number one trend is a place the game deserves.

Gameplay and Mechanics:

PUBG is a trendsetter battle royale game, where the last man standing wins. The gameplay goes as follows.

You’re a character who’s been boarded onto a cargo plane along with 100 strangers. The plane goes over an abandoned island with isolated houses and ghost towns. There’s no one on the island except for the 99 people other than you. You’re given a parachute to land, and as you open your parachute, you’ll see a few more hovering over you landing at the site you are. You’ve landed safely, what do you do now?  You survive. There are weapons and utility items scattered all around the map called “Loot”.

The loot can be anywhere, but most probably you’ll find the most of it in a house however it really depends on where you’re landing.

The abandoned island is divided into several towns, all carry specific perks. Land in “School” and you’ll likely be killed in the first minute, but the loot you find there would be more than enough to keep you going throughout the round. Go towards “Pochinki”, you’ll survive a few minutes, but the loot there won’t be enough for you to last until top 20.
Breaking down the aforementioned theory, your loot and your overall gear early game depends on where you land.

New players tend to land places that are less populated than the other areas specifically Farm ridge and Factory, giving them a chance to actually play the game for a while.
PUBG controls are smooth and user-friendly. There’s not much to say much about the controls except for the fact that they’ve added a lean right and lean left control in the latest update.
The game comes in three modes which are:

  • Solo (Lone Wolf)
  • Duo (A team of two)
  • Squad (A team of four)

PUBG assured the fans that they can hope for more game modes in the upcoming updates so stay tight!

Weapons and Utilities:

From Semi-Automatic Rifles all the way to Sub-Machine guns and lowering down to classic pistols, PUBG has it all. You’ll find Scar-L and KAR sniper rifle rarely, but if your enemy has them better run. Grenades are common and you might find them everywhere you go so flash banging your enemy is a possibility.
As far as the utility items are concerned, you can loot Energy Drinks, Pain Killers, First Aid Kits and more just to keep you going. However, don’t forget to stay stacked on these as you never know when you’re going to need them.


One of the best things to do whilst playing PUBG is to run someone over with your favorite vehicle. It’s instant painless death for the victim and you’re saving your ammo too. Buggies, Jeeps, Boats, Bikes and a few more vehicles are all around the map. You can either drive them yourself or let your duo partner drive while you sit back and enjoy the gory view. We hope that the developers bring in more vehicles as the updates arrive.

Battlegrounds are the new age of gaming, but what may earn it a spot in the video games industry is the concept behind it. Gaming publishers and fans have foreseen on how PUBG will claim its fame as an Esport, whether or not it’s pacing works for competitive play. But that ignores the fact: Battlegrounds works as entertainment and will continue to do so. Buy yourself a copy of PUBG today! Happy Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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