PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Review – Is it worth playing on the mobile?

The thriller is on the mobile; free and handy. Wait, what thriller? PUBG Mobile!
If you aren’t familiar with the notion of PUBG or the hype associated with it, guys where have you been? Don’t worry, we got you. Read our latest review on PUBG for PC.

PUBG Mobile Review

To still give the gist because we’re that considerate, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds is a Hunger Games’ inspiration game where you land through a parachute on an island with 99 other strangers. Sounds like Fortnite? Well yes, they are similar. Once the players have landed, they can scout for different items, ammo, weapons to survive by well… killing the other players. The game starts on a large map but gradually shrinks the space forcing the players together.

PUBG seems like a mouthful for even gaming laptops, right? The complexity associated with showing a consistent gameplay over the entire globe among 100 PCs is a software engineer’s actual nightmare. The latency perceived by Australian players battling against Asian gamers can be huge. The character who dies on a PC in Australia has to die in America, Russia, and India at the same second. And that’s just one of PUBG’s developing complexity. So how exactly then, they made this game for mobile?

Pros and Cons of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Chart
PUBG Mobile – Pros and Cons

PUBG Mobile – Features

The mobile version of PUBG (PUBG Mobile) is in no way behind the PC version. You can play the game for free as a guest or log in with Facebook. The game starts with you selecting a username (pretty basic stuff) and your choice of character. Plot twist: unlike PC, your character has no clothes on, to begin with. We believe the company wanted to give the game a little touch of Naked and Afraid, Discovery’s bizarre survival show; that cringe tv series where you have to see a naked man and a woman survive some wild landscape; we are so going off the topic.

Coming back to our PUBG Mobile review, once you’ve selected your character, the game autodetects your phone’s specs for the graphics. Based on your phone’s spec requirements, graphics for the game can be set to low, medium or high. You can set your refresher rate to 120Hz on mobiles like Razer Phone. Our choice of device for the gameplay, iPhone X, set the graphics to high which we found incredible. There were moments where we actually felt they were better than PC! (The critics saying it’s the screen size difference and not the resolutions’, we hear you. Still standing by what we said)

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile- Select Your Character

PUBG Mobile currently only has PUBG’s original map, Erangel for the gameplay although everything from the PC version of this map is there on the PUBG mobile version. The second game map, Miramar is absent. Weapons, utilities, and vehicles from the PC counterpart have made it into the PUBG mobile version. With Facebook login, you can earn credit for things like dressing up your character.

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We didn’t have to wait very long for our match in solo and duo mode. However, there were connection issues which led to the team’s unresponsiveness. We frequently saw our team members leaving or being unresponsive in the gameplay. The built-in voice chats were fun in the beginning with everyone commenting but soon turned out to be a nuisance with extra noise.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay

Four words; we were absolutely terrified. Spent hours and hours on PUBG desktop was not an advantage in the slightest manner when we jumped with our parachute. The territory of controls was unknown; a series of hit and trials to figure out how to land, how to sprint, how to collect weapons, how to even use them weapons! We threw a grenade right after we picked it up and spent quite some seconds figuring out how to kill that gal behind the bushes.

The game was smooth without any glitches that mobile games frequently face when translated from their PC counterparts.

It was only with our first kill that we build in some confidence, becoming a pro. We were impressed with how playable the PUBG Mobile game was after some investing some time into it. The best part, other than killing people and listening to them swear on the headphones, was the driving bit. The controls for driving were simple and the map, well the map was simple too. We need a synonym for simple; easy. Well, that was elementary.

PUBG Mobile

Vehicles are crucial in the PC version when the map starts to shrink, you can see them coming; noisy and big and hence can avoid being killed. But with PUBG mobile, someone on a vehicle near the end of the game can easily take down people without other players realizing it is nearby. Vehicles are missable and that’s a big flaw in the gameplay.

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Flaws aside, thirty minutes into the PUBG Mobile gameplay and we were still unsure how we were playing this on mobile. The game was smooth without any glitches that mobile games frequently face when translated from their PC counterparts. Although, there were some but not game-breaking frame drops on PUBG mobile. It lacked features present on the PC version, yes, but there was no reduction in quality of the gameplay.

But what about the controls we were ranting about just a minute ago?

The critics have complained about controls, yes. We have also mentioned the flaws we faced with the controls in the beginning. It does get better after some minutes or after some games. Scouting items, using weapons, driving vehicles on mobile can never be as playable as on a desktop, but that’s the reason there are two versions. Duh.

Scouting items, using weapons, driving vehicles on mobile can never be as playable as on a desktop.

You can shoot by simply tapping your finger anywhere on during PUBG Mobile gameplay, the condition your thumb should have last touched the spot where you want to shoot. Effective when the other 99 are not running around, more like a sniper’s dream. Items scouting, collection, and storage are automatic, pretty useful, huh? It still doesn’t compete with the keyboard and mouse gameplay, but like we said, it’s for smartphones. Pro smartphones gamers will be addicted to this, but for us, we might go back to the PC version. The experience is different on both version, definitely.

The Flaws

Until now, we’ve been praising PUBG Mobile but it’s time to define some flaws for the meticulous gamers out there. To put a lesser load on smartphone’s hardware, the game’s characters, weapons, buildings, and terrains are redeveloped with lesser resolution and details. This might be unnoticeable if your gameplay has you surrounded by multiple other characters trying to kill you but we laid down the basics before; it’s for them meticulous eyes.

For the regular ones, audio can be a killer. Crucial for battle games, audio in PUBG Mobile was horrible. We could not locate our enemy’s location by hearing the gunshots and other noises. Frame rate drops were frequent while landing. The game also calls for modern operating systems for fine combat, anything lesser than iPhone 6s and your experience can be horrible. Same goes for androids of the lesser generations.

PUBG Mobile: Final Verdict

There is a huge difference between mobile and desktop gaming. PUBG Mobile comes with its own pros and cons. Sure you will find lesser resolution with no so good sound but its handy and you can play it from anywhere. Players looking for the same experience as on PC with detailed graphics, fantastic gameplay might be disappointed due to limited controls on PUBG Mobile. The TechSeer will give it an 8.8 out of a solid 10.