Just like their history, Oppo has done something out of the box again with their latest trending Oppo Find X smartphone. The company mostly focus on producing mid-range smartphones but this time they came up with their own flagship. In 2018, where the companies are coming up with notches and wireless charging, Oppo is not behind.

Oppo Find X Review

The Oppo Find X has a starting of price €999 (around £870, $1,100, AU$1,500) for the 256GB model. There’s also a special edition Lamborghini Find X, having the Lamborghini logo on the rear with better specs. However, it would cost you around €1,699 (£1,500, $1,900, AU$2,600). The Oppo Find X release date is set for August 2018.


  • Fantastic no bezel design
  • Clever pop-up cameras
  • Plenty of power


  • No headphone jack
  • No wireless charging
  • Single, down-firing speaker


  • Beautifully crafted flagship
  • 93.8% screen-to-body ratio
  • Annoying moveable camera for facial recognition
  • No Fingerprint reader and 3.5mm headphone jack

The reason for Oppo Find X’s fame is its design. There is no denying that the all screen design gives Oppo Find X an elegant look when the screen is on. The thin bezels are the new trend in 2018 and Oppo has adopted this as well.

On the front of Oppo Find X, you will find a 6.42 inches OLED display with the bezels measuring 1.91mm on the top, 1.65mm on the sides and 3.4mm on the bottom claiming a 93.8% screen-to-body ratio.

Oppo Find X comes with rounded corners from all sides unlike what we saw in Razer Phone. You will feel elegant touches everywhere on the phone from all angles. The shape is a little unorthodox and kind of tapered on the sides. The bottom has a unique sort of concave shape with the USB-C port, a speaker, and a dual sim card tray.

The most surprising part is that there is no front or rear facing camera on the display. You can open up the entire top which is motorized for the cameras.

It feels like it’s an integrated part of a thoughtful design but history says moving parts on smartphones go useless after some time. There is no option for wireless charging on the phone. Sadly, there is no headphone jack as well just like most of the flagships except Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Oppo Find X comes with a glass from front and back which is one of the reason it looks so elegant in purple and red shades. But the problem with these glass back phones is you continuously have to clean your fingerprints if you want to feel a premium finish. It has a big size considering 6.42 inches but it will fit in your hands super nicely due to curved Panoramic Arc screen just like Samsung Galaxy S9. But maybe not for people with small hands. Oppo Find X has 186 grams (6.56 oz) of weight.

You can find the phone in 2 version, a glacier blue and a purple one. The purple one is actually called the Bordeaux Red.


  • 6.42-inch OLED display
  • AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Only FHD (1080 x 2340 pixels)
  • 19.5:9 ratio (~401 ppi density)

Oppo Find X has a screen to body ratio of 93.8% with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. The 401-pixel density is good for indoor use but pretty average if you are using it in direct sunlight especially when we have flagships like LG G7 ThinQ which can go up to 1000 nits. The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and it has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 which is pretty good for watching videos and playing games.

Oppo X features a FHD resolution on a 6.42-inch screen which is below average for a smartphone with this price-tag. Most of the flagships now come with QHD resolution with smaller displays comparatively and believe us you will feel its display is not worth the money you will spend on it. We had a hard time playing videos games and watching on this smartphone because our minds were on to Apple’s retina display and Samsung’s QHD resolution.

There is no fingerprint scanner button or biometric system on the screen so you will have to use the facial recognition software through its front camera.

Performance and Hardware

  • Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845
  • Octa-core with 8GB of RAM
  • Risk of the motorized camera to fail

The Oppo Find X comes with a great power, with the flagship Snapdragon 845 chipset sitting alongside 8GB of RAM, this phone can do wonders. Compare it with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with same chipset but 6GB of RAM and you will feel a noticeable difference but it’s not always about RAM. Your software has a huge part in defining your smartphone’s performance and Apple has proved it with every flagship.

We have seen the same SnapDragon 845 chipset in most of the latest flagships so we don’t need to worry about its performance. However, we will do proper testing and update this review with the results.

O-Face: The main concern is that the motorized segments in smartphones like this one fail after a while. Along with the cameras, there are also other important sensors like the dot projector and the infrared sensors. Facial recognition is used for security using the front-facing sensors in those motorized segments. The process is pretty fast compared to smartphones like Honor 10. The motorized piece in Oppo Find X pops up and recognize your face and then goes back down quickly in a second which is impressive.

The main thing is that you will have to use the motorized part every time you unlock and in a whole day, you may use it for hundreds of times. Therefore, it’s a question mark on how long this motor will last.

Oppo has included some fail-safes like if you push down the motorized piece a little harder, it will go down and the camera will be shut down. Also if you try to open the camera and put force to that piece, it will wait till the force is removed rather than grinding its gear hard to pop up. One more thing, you can pull up the piece, it means that it’s not the most durable mechanism.

You can get an internal storage of up to 256GB in Oppo Find X. There is no with no card slot. There is no fingerprint reader on the front or back neither under the glass which means that the user is forced to use the facial ID that they call as O-Face. Oppo claims that the failure rate of O-face is one in a million while it is one in 50000 when it comes to the fingerprint reader. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 and a dual sim card tray.


The dual camera on the back of the slider has one 16 MP half (f/2.0) and one 20 MP half (f/2.2). The 16 MP module is the main shooter and has OIS, the other one will kick in for depth effects and in low-light. The main camera records 2160p video at 30 fps. There is a dual LED that lies in between the two cameras. Front facing camera is 25 MP with an aperture of f/2.0. The 3D facial scanner works even better than the dual camera as it judges the depth between you and the background more accurately. Oppo is calling the front camera of Find X as the Stealth 3D camera. Similar to the Huawei P20 Pro and LG G7 ThinQ Al cameras, Oppo Find X also has Al scene recognition that can identify 21 different scenarios and adjust the camera settings itself.


Oppo Find X has android 8.1 that smoothly runs on it and it also supports the Android P Beta program. It will allow you to try out the next version of Android before it’s officially launched. But beware because it’s likely to have a variety of bugs. It has been coated in Oppo’s Color OS 5.1 interface.


Oppo Find X is powered by 3730 mAh battery. The Lamborghini model comes up with a Super VOOC flash charging feature and you can charge the phone from 0 to 100% in just 35 minutes.


An interesting new design when the world was getting bored with everyone including the notch at the top. The motorized piece makes it look great but you should not ignore the fact that these motorized parts will eventually fail. There is no way to say that this premium smartphone does not fit with the best phones of Samsung and iPhone. However, the high price tag of Oppo Find X with no wireless charging and only Full HD display must make you think, at least once.

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