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Improved quality of Go’s VR and its impressive ability to run on its own makes it a winner. This is a great sell, experience and cost wise. An improved sound quality but a light leakage from nose. It's going to give the rest of the VR headsets a run for their money. The TechSeer rate this product 8.8 from a solid 10.

Ah, the fascinating world of virtual reality (VR) and how the gaming world is witnessing a new era because of it. Oculus Go, another VR endorsing gadget may be the next big thing in line. It is a stand-alone device, unlike its predecessor Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Pro that needed to be connected to a running PC in order to work.

Oculus Go Review

Facebook owns Oculus and claims that’s Oculus Go is the most approachable VR product and a brand new way for everyone to experience VR. It doesn’t need a smartphone or any wiring or extra baggage of connections either. You wear it on your face, get comfortable and enter another world just like that.

For all the people who have been unable to experience the VR world due to various issues like price differences, unable to work out the connections, and personal hindrances, this may their easiest access to the VR world. It’s cheap, practical and handy. It’s the new Oculus Go.

  • Affordable
  • Good VR experience
  • Minimal screen door effect
  • Comfortable
  • Light leakage
  • Rests entirely on the face / Heavy
  • Battery-to-charge-time not ideal

Price & Specs.                                                 

Released officially on 1st May, it is available in 23 countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

The Oculus Go is priced at $199/ AU$299 for 32GB version and $249/ AU$369 for the 64GB version.

For viewing, it features a 5.5 inch, 538 ppi panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which is quite impressive for what its worth.

Oculus utilizes a fast-switch LCD display with the Go to have a better pixel fill. This makes the pixels simply appear larger to reduce the screen door effect often faced in previous VR headsets.

The Design.

Its sleek and has a modern appeal to it. With minimalist subtle features, it’s luxurious looking. The front panel is plastic solid with a shade of gray which varies in different lighting.

The interior is lined with a foam molding that is soft and covered with a breathable mesh fabric. Once it is on, its comfortable and does not leave marks if worn for longer periods of time. The straps are adjustable, well-stitched and thick.

Some may struggle with the straps while putting on the headset. When worn, it tends to feel slightly insecure on the head. Feelings of it slipping off can make a person queasy but there’s a comfortable position for everyone that just requires self-adjustment.

Once worn, the user may feel a fair amount of light entering through the tiny gap present at the bridge of the nose. It is an apparent flaw for those who are bothered by light leakage. This may be a deal breaker for some people who are extreme VR enthusiasts.

The control buttons on the headset are simple. The power button is on the top-left corner along with a volume button next to it. The headset has sensors which automatically knows to power on when you put it on and powers off once taken off. This emits the need to push the power button which is pretty neat.

There’s a micro-USB port for charging and a headphone jack for when you want to keep the VR session low-key.


Setup is simple. It requires you to download the Oculus app on your phone, create an account, pair your phone and start shopping for apps and games. There are over 1000 games, apps, movies and short VR experience clips available.

Once you’re in a VR experience or a game, things go down very smoothly. It offers great visual with picture clarity and depth. The overall experience is accurate and comfortable. Whatever you choose to play or watch, roller-coaster rides, shooting games, combat or board games, Oculus Go rarely stuttered or lagged.

Although the best part about it is the Oculus Rooms app. It’s a customizable social space where the user can hang out with friends or online buddies, play chess, share photos and videos.

The Go’s speakers are another feature that makes the entire experience worthwhile. They offer spatial sound effects that further indulge in the immersive feel of the headset. Sound clarity and volume are impressive.

Our Take.

Among the VR hardware available, the experience Oculus Go offers is as good as Oculus Rift. But the improved quality of Go’s VR and its impressive ability to run on its own makes it a winner. For those who have always wanted to own a personal VR headset but were hesitant, this is a great sell, experience wise and cost wise. It’s comfortable. It’s durable. It’s going to give the rest of the VR headsets a run for their money. The TechSeer rate this product 8.8 from a solid 10.

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