Monster Hunter World Review

Monster Hunter World Review: A Game worth Playing

Sisters and brothers of the Fifth Fleet, it’s time. I’ll keep my review brief – never was much with words. Once you board this ship, there is no turning back. Sail safe and strong. And may the Sapphire Star light your way.

We think we might have set the basis for the review with that opener. Fangirling over the Monster Hunter series we believe Monster Hunter World shatters all the bars set by its predecessors. Developed and published by Capcom, Monster Hunter World was initially released in January 2018 for PS4 and XBox One. A Microsoft Windows version has been scheduled for August 2018.

Monster Hunter World Review


  • Incredibly detailed gameplay
  • Welcoming the westerns while satisfying the old fanbase
  • Variety of combat with different monsters
  • Excellent storyline


  • Voice acting is annoying
  • Unimpressive visuals

This review follows our Monster Hunter World gameplay on PS4 noting the fact that we are a huge fan of the entire series. There might be some biasedness, (only some), but we would ask one of our peers to review this review. In the words of cinematography, like an inception but of the digital world.

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Monster Hunter World: The Flows

Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior…..

Wait, wrong review.

Long ago, precisely in the year of 2004, Capcom released the first game of the Monster Hunter franchise; a series of action role-playing video games. Developed initially for PlayStation 2, the game has been released for the many continents in the platform realm; PCs,  home consoles, mobile devices and portable consoles.

The series has sold more than 45 million copies as of January 2018, with its most popularity centered in Asian countries and its rising trend in the western market. The western market, however, saw a downfall in the selling trend because of the game’s difficulty. But, Monster Hunter World with its approachable entry and its playability managed to find a niche western audience. It became Capcom’s best selling game within some months of its release. World successfully impressed.. wait for it.. the world.

Monster Hunter World: The Plot

Set in a high fantasy environment, humans and other races have their eyes set on the New World, a home to wild monsters. Monster Hunter World follows the story of the players role-playing as hunters and researchers striving to learn about the New World, an untamed wilderness. The expedition focuses on uncovering mysteries about Elder Dragons, man’s biggest enemy, and the reason they migrate to the New World every ten years.

The player controls a hunter assisted by a handler, who is part of the Fifth Fleet. They are traveling to the New World when they come across an Elder Dragon, the size of a mountain. After escaping from the dragon, the player sets a base in the New World and takes on quests to explore the area and to find out about the dragon that attacked their ship, Zorah Magdoras.

Monster Hunter World – Gameplay

World is played in third person perspective. Monster Hunter World features a map for exploring the New World. There’s combat right after ten minutes into the game. You can choose to hide in the bushes if you don’t have any weapon. The gameplay’s complexity isn’t centered in the early hours so players can explore beautiful environments with ease. It’s in the later hours that the players find themselves engaged in boss fights and monsters focused missions.

Players also need to be comfortable with the stats that come with every weapon, item, and skill on Monster Hunter World. The effective gameplay revolves around learning about the New World, its monsters, and its secrets and that can only be done if players have familiarized themselves with those numbers. We are sure about the source of all the excellent reviews coming in about this game; it’s the statisticians.

Our first few hours on Monster Hunter World were spent (after being mesmerized by the cutscene, of course) learning the basics once again before engaging in immense, competitive boss fights. The tutorials took an approach of do-it-and-learn strategy mainly for the western market which found the game’s learning curve too difficult.

The character development and by that, we mean upgrading your character skills and ammo relies solely on your previous battles. The more monsters you defeat, the better you get. You can also choose to team up with other players, the multiplayer mode, to defeat a monster that seems impossible to take down.

Critics, although have complained about the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Running around collecting items trying to capture or kill the monsters. The best defense Monster Hunter World presents to this is the variety in its ecosystems and the striking challenge each monster presents making you unsure of what lies ahead. It’s old but there still is an element of uncertainty to it.

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Monster Hunter World: Graphics

Although PS4 Pro and Xbox One X offer the option for greater resolution with a tradeoff of frame drop in the combat scenes, we found the Monster Hunter World graphics moderately decent on PS4. The game however detailed and colorful in terms of the environment lacks that wow graphics that other Capcom games offer.

This might not be noticeable if you’re too focused on exploring the New World and taking down monsters but was worth mentioning. It’s a review after all, duh. We’re not fangirling, nein.

The Multiplayer Mode in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World lets you invite up to three players for an immersive gameplay. Considering the game’s steep learning curve, there are both options for a combat. Finish it solo or call for help. The franchise gained popularity because of the multiplayer feature.

Taking down a monster with your friends screaming and shouting in the headset is an absolute joy. The nostalgia kicks in with one of those times when your squad wanted to take down a college teacher but couldn’t. Well, now, you can.

Verdict: Monster Hunter World

One of the best RPGs of its time, Monster Hunter World impresses both the newcomers and its old fans. Gamers looking for excellent combat, a thirst to travel the unknown New World, and a soft corner for stats would absolutely love this.

Our gameplay of 35 hours included the actual game course and a couple additional quests. Keeping you on your seat for that long says something about this game. It’s definitely worth buying if you’ve been a fan of the franchise or are looking for competitive boss fights that you can play with your friends. The TechSeer will give it a 9.0 out of a solid 10.