Winter is coming and Ministry of supply is here for you. A well known Boston based company Ministry of Supply is providing its solution for the heavy winter coming ahead. Get ready to pack your bags and go to cold areas with this heated jacket packed with a lot of features. This company is launching a new heated jacket which is totally based on machine learning, Alexa, and AI systems and works with Mercury smart technology. The jacket is the internet of things enabled which will be controlled by a mobile-based app. The machine learning will be used to customize the jacket’s temperature by syncing it with Alexa. For a layman, these are some difficult words but in simple words, this heated jacket will prove beneficial in winters. Here are some of the specs of this heated jacket.

Ministry of Supply Heated Jacket


  • Company: Ministry of supply
  • Max Temperature it can attain: 57.2 Celsius / 135 Fahrenheit
  • The time it takes to fully heat: 01:30 minute
  • Battery time with use on full power: 04:00 hours
  • Cost of the jacket: $295
  • Cost of the vest: $195
  • Weight w/o battery: 1kg / 2.2 pounds
  • Availability date: November 2018

These heated jackets are not new in this modern age. A lot of other companies have invested in the same field and you can already get the same jacket from other companies but they most probably would not be working on machine learning and use Alexa. They need you to activate the system when you want them to and adjust accordingly. But this jacket relies on its accelerometer and heat and temperature sensors to change accordingly according to Ministry of Supply. In short, it will read out your activities and provide heat and warm the jacket accordingly. You won’t need to shut it off just because of feeling too hot. Ministry of Supply has been known to provide high-quality materials in all of its products and the same case will be here.

Currently, the jacket is in the final stage but it will still need some updates before it will be available in the market which will be officially in November 2018.

Internet of things:

Not only the company Ministry of Supply is doing this to enter into clothing world but also to know the lifestyle of people. This heated jacket will gather data from its consumers and give it back to the company. Things like how often would people wear jackets or in what region these jackets would be successful. Would people prefer to wear it while running or working out? What average temperature would people prefer according to their climate and region. Would Alexa and AI be useful or not? This would be a new trend on the internet of things along quantum computers. This gathered data can then be used in research or to sell it to other related companies. Buying these jackets would imply that the consumers are giving the permission of looking at their lifestyle to those companies. Of course, this is already happening in this age of smartphones and Facebook. So why not give them a chance to make our lifestyle and clothing, even more, better than before.

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