Tintin SpaceX

Internet Satellites to launch by SpaceX

Mr. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Enterprises has come forward and made his first step towards a global internet broadband network in the space.

Tintin Internet Satellites:

SpaceX, also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp. owned by Elon has launched two satellites into space successfully known as Tintin A and Tintin B. These satellites are in communication with Earth stations, according to Mr. Elon. They will attempt to say “Hello world” as a good gesture from above the space when they pass SpaceX.


These Tintin Internet Satellites would provide internet speed up to 1GB per second with very low latency. According to Mr. Elon, “these satellites can prove fatal for fiber broadband except that they would provide a global internet connection by using an entire constellation which is known as Starlink”.

Is it really Global:

This global internet connection would require 4425 satellites in that particular orbit. SpaceX would successfully launch these satellites in the coming 5 years. A lot of companies are funding this project. It will successfully finish in 2024. And then it will start working in its full capacity. An additional 7500 satellites are planned for the project. This will take the project to a next level and certainly, it will increase the capacity.

Real Competitor:

Big firms like Google and Facebook are preparing for their own Internet Satellites. They are trying to deploy aerial internet services just like SpaceX in the coming years.