Two years ago while using the Vive VR headset, we imagined what it would be like if HTC could make it bigger and better. They probably thought so too because the Vive Pro is basically that. Not just a sequel, but a complete remake. This model seems to feature everything that a VR headset can possibly contain. Designed while keeping a broad view of the things past VR experiences have taught us.

HTC Vive Pro Review

This may be the ultimate VR experience. Yet at the cost of $799 US or $1200 AUD just for the headset, it is quite expensive. The controllers and sensors cost an additional $299 USD. It may become a tough sell with only professional VR owners, enthusiasts or well-off people be able to afford it.

But what makes it so great?

Apart from the huge price tag turn off, the headset is truly the latest and the greatest when it comes to VR world. Up until two years, the Vive VR was on top of the shelf but once you experience what Vive Pro has to offer, it’ll be harder to go back to anything less. It features a resolution of 2,880 x 1,600 per eye as compared to the original Vive’s resolution of about 2,160 x 1,200 per eye. That is a massive difference in quality. People who have used both headsets can tell apart almost immediately. The company has aimed to bring forth a leading standard for the new high-end VR trends.


Remember how the Vive VR was black in color? Vive Pro with all of its upgrades has been given a navy blue color. Another advanced feature? The built-in headphones. They are placed right on top of your ears. Since they’re adjustable, they’re hassle-free. No more taking the headset off in middle of a gaming session just to adjust the volume.

Unlike the velcro straps of Vive VR, a new harness supports the entire headset on the user’s head. Its designed for a comfortable easy adjustable fit. A tiny knob at the back of the headset allows the harness to loosen or tighten and it prevents the headset from moving from that ideal position, especially during the intense moments. It also has proven quite effective against the strain that was reported from wearing the headset with velcro straps for an extended period of time.

The inside of the headset is made comfortable to wear. The new rubber nose guard fits snuggly around the nose structure and prevents any light from entering. It is also lined with more durable and thicker plush pads that are comfortable for the face during long hours. The headset is light in weight as well.

It has been released since 5th of April. The company plans to release a package deal with sensors and controllers included sometime later in the year. For now, its sold separately.

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