Google lens can identify pet breeds

Google Lens Can Now Identify Pet Breeds

Ever got into that debate about what breed your pet is exactly? Or ever seen a really cute dog and wondered what breed that is? Well, Google has updated its Google Photo App, to do exactly that, identify pet breeds. Google Lens was introduced earlier, an app for smartphones that utilizes artificial intelligence to command its visual recognition algorithms and provide relevant information regarding whatever the camera was pointing at.

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Google Lens Can Identify Pet Breeds

The identification of pet breeds has been used for cats and dogs before as well. But Google claims it can identify a larger variety of animals and more accurately as well.

How does it work?

It’s the kind of app that gives you information about whatever your camera points to. If one points their camera at a plant or a flower, all relevant information provided online about it will be made available. This can get really interesting in cases where the Google Len’s ability to read a router’s setting sticker and have the smartphone automatically connect to the network. It was released for iOS devices.

Using the same strategy, this app can comb through user’s photo library looking for pet pictures and using its online database to make a match and give information regarding the breed it has identified. The app can help the user identify breed from a picture taken from any source. Now, some are claiming it to be very helpful when it comes to figuring out pure breeds. But it is a hit and miss when it comes to mixed breeds, which, of course, can be trickier.

What made Google come up with this update? It was released on Wednesday, 11th April, in honor of Official Pet Day. Google Photos app allows you to name the pictures you’ve taken of your pet and save them to create creative short movies and photo books. It also allows you to order a copy.

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