• Initial release date: April 20, 2018
  • Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Designer: Cory Barlog
  • Series: God of War
  • Price: 77.25 $ (US dollars: 59.99) Confirm.
  • Category: Action-adventure
  • Platform: PlayStation 4/4 Pro

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God of War review

Revealed at E3 2016, Sony released the trailer for the latest addition to God of War franchise, the God of War 2018. The trailer told it all, the trailer depicted how Kratos, son of Zeus, the original God of War has matured and grown into an old fatherly figure. Now responsible for a young son named “Atreus”, Kratos is back and oozing of godly abilities.

god of war review 1Finally released in April 2018, for the PlayStation 4, God of War 2018 sold over 1 million copies all around the world on the first day of its release. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the masterpiece ourselves and live as Kratos ourselves. The game’s story is pretty simple and somewhat nostalgic. Living in Norse World, a world full of monsters and betrayals. Kratos must revive the raging god resting inside of him and protect his son.

Throughout the story, Kratos has been seen trying to keep his son away from following his footsteps. Atreus, the son of Kratos and a demigod is armed with a magical bow and keeps helping Kratos throughout the game.

God of War 2018 doesn’t feel like the original Hack n’ Slash the fans were expecting. It’s a blend of matureness and nostalgia. The last God of War was released almost 8 years ago and since then both Kratos and God of War have matured. The game follows a different gameplay concept this time, Strategy.

Instead of blindly whirling your blades around and killing everything in path, God of War 2018 requires you to follow a strategy as you’re now a bearded father and have a son to look after whilst killing your enemies at the same time.

god of war review 2

After Kratos defeated Zeus and lost his Blades of Chaos, God of War 2018 arms Kratos with a Leviathan Axe. Kratos’ main weapon seems to be a War Axe, in place of his forearm blades. During combat, it appears that the Axe has certain magical abilities like the ability to freeze through the enemies one thrown.

Kratos can disarm the axe and summon it back “Thor” style. Kratos can also use the axe to slash through some objects in the environment such as explosive barrels and health boxes. The original owner of the axe is Faye, the mother of Atreus. During mid-game, I was disarmed and couldn’t summon my axe. Not knowing what to do, Kratos’ fists began to spit fire and Kratos used his fists to finish an opponent. The fists can be combined with the shield Kratos possesses.

Guardian Shield, Kratos has a shield that emerges off of a gauntlet, transforms into a circular old school stout shield for blocking straight jabs and wide-ranged attacks. It appears that the shield can also combo into stronger axe attacks. It can also be fused with fire by the Blades of Chaos to enhance its usage and increase its overall damage block.

Almost halfway through the game, Kratos returns where he left his old blades. He digs them out knowing his axe is no good compared to what he’s about to face further. The blades felt so nostalgic and like Kratos finally got something of his own. As the God chains the blades to his forearms, he’s a killing machine born to hack and slash his way through.

god of war review 3

Enough with the gameplay, the graphics. The graphics look gorgeous throughout the game. Norse World is a dark place with different seasonal properties spread out its areas. The game focuses mainly on character and weapon details.  In one particular mini-boss fight, you could even see the individual bruises and slash marks that each of Kratos’ blows was leaving on the naked torso of the giant ogre that I was battling.

God of War is a very polished and balanced game. The enemies are difficult to kill at “God” mode giving you a challenge which the old God of War games truly lacked. There is not much freedom to move around the map. Kratos follows a strictly bound path throughout the game just like before. Apart from that considering the immense gameplay, graphics, strategic elements, and the fact that KRATOS IS BACK!. We rate the game a solid 8.8/10.

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