Artificial Intelligence or better known through its acronym, AI, is evolving with every tick of the clock, making the routinely mundane tasks for human beings smoother and more efficient. The presence of AI can already be found everywhere, it is used in finance, marketing, data analysis, search engines and mobile applications.

Future applications of AI

The realm of AI has only established its roots, with the ever-improving deep learning the future’s enormous surprises. Here are a few areas where AI seems to dominate in the future.

Customer Service

Forbes, MIT Technology, and tech experts have predicted some revolutionary innovations AI could bring in the future. They can seem bizarre and impossible to some but, they are possible. It has been predicted that in the future, AI will be taking over the customer service. The customer service requires a bulk of employees to cater growing customer needs, and humans lack the discipline to maintain their disciplined stature in front of hundreds of customers in a day. Most people, however, do not like robotic chats, they cannot seem to trust or rely on them. Here is where AI plays its role, with the chat bots providing human-like help and assistance. It has been predicted, that by the year 2020, approximately 85% of the customer assistance shall be provided by chat-bots and virtual assistants.

Personal Assistants

The future will have in store smart assistants which will not only deal with your playlists and hectic calendars but they will also be able to respond to your messages without letting the sender know that the reply was sent through a bot. This is not far stretched ideology. A chat-bot named Amy by virtual assistant is already in the market that scans your emails and schedules your meetings. All you have to do is CC Amy, your personal assistant, and she will deal with the rest. What happens is that Amy uses natural language processing, an AI technology, to draw information from the emails, break it into a chunk and then classify that chunk properly.

Siri and the other bots are predicted to have a better hearing which will make it a lot easier for them to comprehend our commands at one go. So you will not have to edit your message repeatedly adjusting your accent to make it comprehensible.

Artificial Psychology

The field of AI has contributed historical changes in the field of psychology. About a year ago, Facebook added technology to automatically detected posts with the hidden expressions of suicide. Therapeutic games have been introduced to increase adolescent’s self-confidence and problem-solving skills. A virtual world like Second life has been developed for people with autistic disorder. Studies are now suggesting AI for early detection of mental illnesses. The proposed idea is that AI can already detect a high probability of cancer, what if it can listen to you and warn about signs of mental illness. Cogito is an app that monitors the mental health of veterans by monitoring their phone 24/7. IBM also conducted an experiment to use AI to detect psychosis among subjects by observing their speech patterns through NLP.

Data-driven machines

AI has been predicted to reshape the mining sector. A lot of companies are planning to focus on data-driven machines. This will help the companies process, analyze, trend and organize their data in an easier, quicker and efficient manner. This feature is not only a want but, has become a need in the modern world of business. AI and robotics can simplify the complex task of extracting and processing data. This transformation can reduce the cost of hiring extensive labor to do the mining.

Efficient Translators

AI is behind humans when it comes to translating a language. A competition was hosted by International Interpretation and Translation Association (IITA), Sejong University and Sejong Cyber University between four human translators and three artificial systems by Google, Naver and Systran. 90% of the artificial intelligence programs had grammatical errors showing that machines in the present are no match for humans in translations. Baidu, Microsoft, IBM, and Google are all keen to reshape the translation sector. We’ve recently seen the launch of an earpiece that can translate between two languages in real time. And Microsoft has also announced the launch of its dictation app in 20 languages.

Automotive Industry

AI integrated with automotive technology has surely been successful. The idea of driverless cars was proposed in 70s but it lacked the technology. With the development of GPS and remarkably AI, self-driving cars are now almost a reality. Google and Tesla are both spending millions of dollars to make autonomous driving reality in the near future. Tesla’s Model S and Model X can not only auto drive but, it can auto parallel park as well.

Future of AI in the eyes of researchers

Pieter Abbeel, who is the Co-founder of Gradescope and is the Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UC Berkeley, has predicted that in the near future the robots will assist us in keeping us safe, especially from natural disasters. He further predicted that this will not only keep us safe from natural disasters but, will also bring the rate of car and traffic accidents to a minimum and might even eradicate it completely.

Shimon Whiteson from Whiteson Research Lab, states that the future is cyborgs. He is of the opinion that in near future, the computer and the human beings will become a single, tightly knit, cognitive unit. He states that imagining our brains as unerring storages and calculators would be very much productive. Well, if that is true would we be able to have internet in our brain? Shimon says that is possible. One more application of AI is “Paying with the face“. China is currently following this but the application is still not stable. You can pretty much pay anywhere by using your face.

Thomas Dietterich, the President of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, goes a few steps further and predicts that in the future, we all can become superhumans and can have exoskeletons which would help him to walk when he is old and feeble.

In conclusion, the expectations from AI are endless. Well, let’s see what the future really holds.

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