Fortnite Mobile Review

Fortnite Mobile – A comparison with the console versions

Our review on PUBG Mobile has made us go over on another battle royale style game. Fortnite Battle Royale is taking the world by its storm. Whether you hate it or love it, you can not alter the fact that the game is present on top of the charts. Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, has decided to further the game’s scope by introducing a mobile port for the game giving us Fortnite Mobile.

The Primer

Before going deep into Fortnite Mobile let us give you a preview on what Fortnite is. The original game was launched in July 2017 on PC and consoles. It takes the battle royal style popularized by PUBG. The plot revolves around four players that have to survive by killing zombies. They have to scout for items, weapons, ammo; basically things you need to survive against a horde of the dead. Players can build forts around them for protection, which we found very cool. This classic version, however, is paid.

The free battle royale format of the game was launched in September 2017 where 100 players land on an island and try to be the last one standing by killing other players. They can scavenge items and health packs necessary for a combat. Tension immensely builds at the end when the island starts to shrink forcing the players together. What makes it different from PUBG, however, is its Save Mode where players can gather trees, building and other materials to build a fort around them for protection; something from the classic version.

You can read the full review of Fortnite Battle Royale here.

The specs

Before we go into the review describing the gameplay of Fortnite Mobile and its flaws, we have an announcement and we intend to make it in the beginning. (Not like those medicine ads which tell the side effects after the commercial in 2x speed)

Fortnite Mobile is invite-only right now; the way it works is iOS users get a notification from the AppStore like an invite. If you’re an iOS user and haven’t received an invite, don’t worry we’ve got you covered; sign up for Fortnite Mobile gameplay here.

The mobile port version can be assessed once the users have submitted a code. The users must have an iOS 11 on iPhone 6S or later generations, or an iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPod Pro or later versions. The Android lovers might be disappointed but listen to this; Epic Games have announced that compatibility is coming soon for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Huawei Honor 10 and Huawei P20 Pro, LG G6 and LG G7 ThinQ. It should most probably be available in most of the smartphones released in 2017 and above including the Gaming Razer Phone 2018 which is made for games like these. A silver lining, huh?

Okay, so now we’ve mentioned the basics, let’s find out if the Fortnite mobile version is really worth playing over PS4, PC or Xbox One.

Fortnite Mobile Pros:

  • Fully featured and playable
  • Seamless transition between consoles and mobile
  • Free, free and FREE

Fortnite Mobile Cons:

  • Controls are not as proficient as on the other platforms
  • Performance issues

Fortnite Mobile Features

Fortnite Mobile offers all the features from its console counterparts. From buildings to character animations, the game features the same map, same unlockable and same content. The downside is the game’s resolution and fewer details. Hence roll in the visual compromises packed with some performance issues, but the Fortnite mobile version delivers what it aimed for- a faithful recreation of the Battle Royale on your smartphones.

From buildings to character animations, the Fortnite Mobile game features the same map, same unlockable and same content.

The best thing that had us impressed with Fortnite Mobile was its one to one experience. After we’ve logged in with our account, all the challenges, achievements and characters skin from our PC account transferred to the mobile. It’s immensely convenient when you have to keep switching between console and mobile. The idea that you can work on your challenges while on the subway or while waiting for your friend at the restaurant makes Fortnite Mobile incredibly addictive. Sure, it makes you a little less sociable (but so does social media, stop complaining) but this seamless transition between different platforms is making the game highly noticeable at the moment. (Take notes, PUBG)

Fortnite Mobile currently only features Battle Royale mode so no forts around for protection. The gameplay depends whether you have gone solo, duo or viz a viz squad. Fortnite Mobile also supports cross-platform multiplayer gaming. Put that simply? Sorry. It means that you can play with your friends on consoles while you’re on mobile. A pretty plus feature to play with your friend at home while you’re on your office break; another feature not available on PUBG.

The idea that you can work on your challenges while on the subway or while waiting for your friend at the restaurant makes Fortnite Mobile highly addictive at the moment.

Fortnite Mobile Gameplay

Thank you Epic Games for placing us in an open area for testing out the controls. If you’ve spent hours on your PS4 or XBox, believe me, you will need this. The developers worked really hard to bring new innovations in Fortnite Mobile to make it playable. The building controls at the bottom of the screen are simple, the sprinting is automatic and so are item picking and storing and there are indicators on the screen to aid your gameplay if you’ve turned off sound. Still, it’s a touchscreen which means in no time you will be missing your mouse and keyboard.

A huge plus factor for Fortnite Mobile is its visual clues i.e. the indicators towards treasure chests, gunfire, and footsteps that means you do not need sound for a successful gameplay. You can be The Bride of your Kill Bill; killing the hurdles standing in your triumph while playing classical music. Talk about cool in a gameplay.

To the downside, there’s little precision in observing the loots around you on Fortnite Mobile. Weapons switching takes time so you might turn up dead while reloading or switching to a different choice of a weapon during an attack. We know it takes a fraction of second but so does dying in a battle game. It’s all about the fractions of seconds.

The Fortnite mobile version can be an advantage for people new to the Fortnite world. They don’t need to rewire their brains for the controls. The weapons have quite a variety in the gameplay. There are grenades, crossbows, and explosives along with the classic guns in Fortnite Mobile. They do, however, feel like toys and extracts the fun out of the game. (We’re not a serial killer who wants actual guns, we promise, guys)

The worst part for us in Fortnite Mobile was the driving bit. The vehicles in Fortnite Mobile are not playable which made us miss PUBG. Vehicles contribute heavily in a battle royal gameplay; you can kill distant people by driving over them without using your ammo. (We swear we don’t fancy homicide)

Still, it’s a touchscreen which means in no time you will be missing your mouse and keyboard.

Fortnite Mobile is fully featured and playable when compared to the consoles but the experience differs strikingly. In a cross-platform play, you might struggle to keep up with the console folks as you’re on a touchscreen. You can get used to the touchscreen controls after some time but still, most players will be going back to the console experience after spending a certain amount of hours on Fortnite Mobile.

The Verdict: Fortnite Mobile

Epic Games have done an impressive job with Fortnite Mobile, squishing the entire game to a mobile. We loved that you can find everything from the map to the game elements on mobile for a full battle experience. Visuals are excellent if not compared side by side with the consoles; syncing your gameplays across multiple platforms and cross-play features are a bonus.

What we didn’t fancy was the toy-like experience of weapons and the lack of playability of vehicles. If touch-screen is not a problem for you, Fortnite Mobile gameplay can turn out to be a fantastic experience. We would recommend readers to try it out (it’s completely free).