Does Facebook spies on our messenger chats?

Does Facebook spy on our messenger chats?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms which is facing serious backlash over its controversy for an invasion of privacy of its users, famously known as Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandel. Accusations of scanning private Messenger conversations have been surfacing worldwide now which has opened the eyes of billions of Facebook users. It has also led to a fall in substantial users including famous celebrities like Singer Cher and Elon Musk.

Mark admits spying on us!

To ensure whether people are going according to messenger’s terms and conditions, Facebook has been spying on all the text chats, pictures, and links. CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits this in an interview with Vox’s Extra Klein. In their defense, he explained that the user’s chat privacy is their first priority. Ensuring that the company does not scan to collect the data and sell to advertisers. They scan to prevent abusive messages. Just like the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

It is not properly disclosed but due to some enabled settings, our account profiles are scrapped by malicious individuals. Facebook has an automatic system that scans the messages and abides hose which are against its rules. In defense, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg gives the reason behind scanning conversation. This process is needed to be done so that people around the world can be protected by any kind of abuse. No matter whether this abuse is due to a message, a link or a picture.

If a message contradicts the terms and conditions then the moderators review it and block it if needed. Clearly mentioned that this act is to protect people all around the world from any abuse. The news also follows with the privacy scandal by data analytics firm who took personal information of 87 million people without even informing them.

Google to follow this trend

Google has been following the same trend for years. They scan our emails and the data is sent to marketing companies for targeted ads. But the company has announced to stop this activity. However, they will keep scanning to check the malware attacks and to offer smart features.


You think social media is free? Well, it’s not! Everything comes at a cost. People for so long have believed that social media is a place for catching up with your friends and family. But in reality we are not consumers, we are the products! We are being monitored all the time. Being tracked at every corner. This is not just Facebook. Uber and Google has admitted to do it as well. We cannot save yourself by switching from Facebook to Google plus or to Twitter. You need to know they know your whole life and this is a price for using these social media apps.