What if you are living in a region that is more prone to earthquakes? Would you want the government to adopt any precautionary measures for these earthquakes? Japan is the highest among the list followed by Nepal and India. According to a research, Southern California shakes 10,000 times a year because of these earthquakes. Another research shows the Central United States is more prone to frequently occurring earthquakes. This could be due to change in the environment i-e wastewater injection.

So what causes these earthquakes? How can our governments prevent this? What tools can they use for the prevention? Would these tools be able to help us in understanding the nature of earthquakes? And how frequently they occur in a specific region. We need a device that will help us detect them in time so that our response to earthquakes would be much quicker.

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Thibaut Perol, a learning scientist along with his research him has found a way to find the earthquakes solution. In his conference, he told the world he can use Artificial Intelligence in detecting these earthquakes in time.  His research paper, also published in Advance Sciences has been really helpful.

ConvNetQuake: An Innovative AI Device

This research team is the pioneer in making first neural network specifically designed to locate and detect earthquakes. Their AI system is named ConvNetQuake. The AI algorithms in the system monitor and detect any unusual movement in ground motion measurements usually known as seismograms. It will detect whether these unusual movements are mere “noises” or an earthquake. This noise always makes it difficult to detect small earthquakes for traditional devices. This system can easily make a distinction between the two.

The ConvNetQuake was tested in Oklahoma and it detected 17 times more earthquakes when compared to Oklahoma Geological Survey earthquake catalog.

ConvNetQuake can be used in any part of the world. Just like it was used in the central United States to measure and improve the earthquake precautions and after effects. The device can provide you with important information very early if it picks something in its system. It can be done after carefully categorizing and analyzing seismic activity. It can also provide information on how severe the quakes will be. The team is hoping to upgrade the existing model using Quantum computers.

One con of this device is that it cannot predict an earthquake. It can only detect it. Other than that, it is the most superior device up till now to detect earthquakes. But even detecting them early would be a huge help in preventing the damages and devastation the earthquake can cause.

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