iPhone X vs iPhone 8

Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8?

The iPhone line up keeps on expanding every year but this time, it all comes down to two smartphones, Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8?
Apple being one of the most powerful companies truly revolutionizes the consumer technology with Tim Cook calling the X model “the future of smartphone”.

You’ve probably ruled out all the Android smartphones, the good and the bad ones ending up on iPhone and with so many Apple phones coming up every year you’re probably working on your thoughts for the best pick whether to go for Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8?

Apple came up with three phones in 2017; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus (not to mention it is just a plus size and the rest is exactly as that of iPhone 8) as well as iPhone X. Apple launched iPhone X on their anniversary, showcasing their customers how it is a brilliant piece that they brought from the future in a time machine with many radical changes and features that were never included in the previous Apple products.
iPhone X, proving to be the odd one out is it really worth giving extra rupees or iPhone 8 will do the job just right? Let’s dig into it and find out!

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Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8 ?

1. Size:

Comparing the 8 and x, the dimensions of iPhone 8 are about 138.4mm by 67.3mm with thickness 7.3mm while iPhone x of 143.6mm by 70.9mm with a thickness of 7.7mm.
With that, we know the iPhone 8 is slightly thick and small which in our perspective isn’t much noticeable. On this basis, none of the two phones are worth disqualifying.

2. Screen Display:

Here is where the true difference lies between the two. iPhone X proves to be a clear winner with 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display compared to iPhone 8 having 4.7-inch Retina HD display. In terms of screen size, iPhone x (62 x 135mm) is longer than 8 (59 x 105mm). So the question is, do you want to watch movies with a bigger ratio or is it too unwieldy to hold with ease? It depends on what you like but in case it’s the big size you like, we suggest you wait a bit more. There are rumors of iPhone X plus coming up quite soon!

3. Processor:

Apple uses A11 Bionic system-on-chip for both the phones so there is no such difference in this aspect. Even the scores in benchmark tests were quite identical. We believe the processor speed of iPhone will not at all be disappointing for either of the two as the score made it up to 10,100 mark!

4. Camera:

According to Apple, they have developed an extremely fast sensor for the models after the iPhone 7. Here’s the good news; you get optical image stabilization, 12-megapixel f/1.8 camera and an option to record 4K video. However, Apple decided to go a bit further for X and added portrait photography. There will be extra portrait mode selfies as well as image stabilization due to 7MP True Depth front camera with Portrait Lighting compared to Retina Flash FaceTime HD camera of 7 MP in 8.

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5. Touch ID or Face ID?

Apple says Face ID in X is more reliable as there are fewer chances of it being tricked by others and it sure does work well almost every time even if you shaved your beard or chopped off some hair recently. However, it needs to see your face and the phone cannot be unlocked when lying straight.
On the other hand, touch ID still proves to be the gold benchmark letting you unlock your phone within a second even if it’s in your pocket. In other words, physically looking at the phone isn’t necessary.

6. Wireless charging:

One of the most significant similarities we have in these two phones is wireless charging which is something fresh for Apple in their phones. Not to mention, the good-looking glass back might cost you a fortune if damaged which allows wireless charging.

7. Ram:

And once again, here the two iPhones stand identical to each other giving world-class performance with M11 motion coprocessor, Six-Core CPU and 2GB RAM in iPhone 8 while the other makes it to 3 GB RAM.

8. Battery Life And Charging:

Apple iPhone 8 (1821 mAh) and iPhone X (2716 mAh) have a remarkable difference between the two, however, the battery life is almost the same. With fast wireless charging one gets off about 21 hours quoted talk-time in X and 19 hours quoted talk time in iPhone 8. You can compare and review the battery life on TechRadar.

9. Price:

Like it or not but this is the main conclusive factor as to which phone ends up falling in your budget. iPhone 8 (64GB) is available for $1079 AUD and (256GB) for $1229 while the iPhone X costs up to $1579 AUD for 64GB model and $1829 for 256 model.
Rs153,990 (256GB).


So what would you go for? Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8? Unless you want to feel elite and the bragging part is just one of your things, go ahead and flaunt with the great features it has like the improved portrait mode, no home button etc. However, if you fall into smart thinking category, sticking to a bit cheaper iPhone 8 with almost nothing big to miss is probably a good idea!