Pay with Your Face

  • Pros: Accurate up to 99% to be used in Financial transactions, said by 3 key players in the applications. The method is way too convenient if you’re out of your wallet and mobile.
  • Cons: There is still a security and privacy risk which could have a huge impact on financial institutions.
  • Key Players in China:
    • Face++: Helping in criminal cases
    • Baidu 
: Helping in government welfare projects
    • Alibaba: Helping financial intuitions to adopt internet of things

Facial recognition has always been a risk when we talk about using it in financial transactions, just like driver-less cars running freely on the roads, but it has been here for almost a decade. We won’t call this method to be 100% reliable of course; it is, after all, a machinery with artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques. But the newer versions coming up use deep learning techniques which is very effective and up to 99% reliable when it comes to image recognition.

The market of face recognitions is demanding, dominating and huge, said by Shiliang Zhang.

Mr. Zhang is a Professor who directs a lab and is specialized in Machine Learning and Image Processing at Peking University. Currently, a lot of companies in China are working on it.


Face++ is one of the top billion dollar company which uses face recognition software even in its offices. A shaved face added to the database can open doors for you which is not really a new thing at this age of technology. The company’s employers do not need to swipe any kind of cards or need authorization when entering or leaving the secured premises. The face recognition software does it all for them, including tracking their movements from room to room. IT does look scary. Doesn’t it? Having someone watch you all the time and taking records of your each and every movement.

Here is a link to how hackers can violate your privacy.

The face is continuously being read from different angles when employers move from room to room.

A report survey showed the software captures 83 different points and angles of just the face to make sure it is you. It pinpoints these points and the distance between these points authenticates your face. A bit creepy but IT people need to adapt this sooner or later.

The same idea is being implemented in banking, transportation, stores and in other business sectors. World known convenience store “7-eleven” is using the same system to track their fraudulent franchisors.

Alipay uses the same technology in its app and 120 million people in China use it on daily basis to transfer money and use their faces as the credentials.


Didi is a China-based ride-sharing company which works on the same technology to know the identity of the driver and makes sure that customers are with the right driver. This test asks the person to move its face and speak to make sure he is the authorized driver. Uber Australia has a failed mechanism which asks the driver to take a picture of himself during his shift but he must be stopped somewhere for security reasons. The system can easily be fooled by showing the camera a picture of the respected authorized person.

China is getting more security conscious and taking extensive steps for its surveillance videos and privacy laws. Law enforcement also uses the same software which helps them in suspecting criminals in the surveillance videos.


Baidu is one of the major search engine based in China just like Google. Its facial recognition AI has outsmarted a lot of genius and gifted people. The company is currently working with the government in the transportation sector through which people can pick their rail tickets by just showing their face. They are also working on a system for China’s historic places so that people can go without tickets. For that reason, Baidu needs to scan tens of thousands faces with a pre-guaranteed accuracy rate of 99 percent.

In Daily life; apartments and some shops have started using the facial recognition software in China to make their customer more engaging. Just like people in some countries can pay with Bitcoins now, people in these shops can pay with their faces. Not only this but the AI greet them whenever they enter the premises.

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