Artificial Intelligence has developed over time. The things that AI can do now seemed impossible but, here we are with auto parking cars, chatbot customer service, and humanoid assistants. Artificial Intelligence has definitely changed the quality of our lives. But will it ever be capable of taking over the world? It has been predicted by a number of tech experts that by the year 2035, there will be a humanoid in every household, helping us in our routine tasks. But, will it ever become so strong that it takes over the world?

Can Artificial Intelligence take over the world?

Shep Hyken, a customer service specialist and a tech enthusiast is of the opinion that Artificial Intelligence can never take over the world. He further says, that everything that is shown in sci-fi movies like ‘I, Robot’ is all fiction and can never come to life. Mikhail Naumav, who is the CEO of DigitalGenius is of the opinion that Artificial Intelligence is merely a must-have tool for customer service and nothing more. It is not capable of taking over the world because, no matter how much it develops, it is still controlled by human beings. He further states that Artificial Intelligence has reached its highest point. It can only improve a little and become more efficient. But, it cannot become so powerful that it takes over the world.

They have no legal rights

Corporate Monkey points out something very cool which most of us have never even thought about. They say that the number one reason that Artificial Intelligence cannot take over the world is that they have no legal rights. Now, you are thinking that what has legal rights to do with taking over the world? Well, legal rights are interlinked with actions. Without legal rights, the robots cannot own property, they cannot sue anyone, they cannot vote or be elected. They cannot share their opinions. They are nothing but, mere slaves who are not capable of anything but, obeying the commands of human beings. So, even if there is a technology take over, it is a person taking over the world with the help of Artificial Intelligence and not the other way around.

Owning a property, voting, opening bank accounts, or being elected may seem trivial. But these rights are all that makes us human beings, hold our place and control the world. Artificial Intelligence may be getting smarter but, human beings are not losing their brain cells. Our generations are getting smarter as well. Smart enough to develop a technology like Artificial Intelligence and is working to make it more human-like.

Tech needs money

Another reason why Artificial Intelligence cannot take over the world is that AI needs money to grow and develop. The tech experts who claim that by 2035 every household would consist of a humanoid assistant are delusional. More than half of the world is so poor that they cannot afford a decent meal or even a glass of mineral water. How are they supposed to afford a humanoid assistant? Even the upper middle class is taking loans to own a humanoid. No matter how smart, fast or efficient Artificial Intelligence becomes; human helpers are way cheaper and low maintenance.

Smarter so be safe

Artificial Intelligence can make our lives a lot easier but, they cannot replace human beings. It is true that Artificial Intelligence is a lot smarter, faster and efficient than us but, human beings are better physically, emotionally and mentally.

The economy is bound to crash if humanoids replace human beings. No matter what the situation is, human beings are programmed to be self-sufficient. So, even if Hollywood movies tell a tale of robot domination, it is all fiction and definitely not possible. Currently, we have a basic level of AI. Soon, it will be upgraded. It may upgrade on its own in the future, who knows. But the bottom line is; for now, we are safe. In the future, it is rather difficult to anticipate anything. If economy crashed and AI will have its own thinking system which would not follow and practice normal human norms, then I guess we will be doomed.

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