Top 3 AI packed earbuds for your vacations

The Best wireless Earbuds (AI packed, Sports, Travel, Noise Cancelling)

Going out on a vacation? Don’t prefer all those big wireless headphones? Here we have selected top 3 earbuds that are portable enough and packed with AI to help you along with your journey.

The Best wireless Earbuds

1. Apple AirPods

Best wireless Earbuds apple airpods

The audio quality is good but don’t expect much when it comes to Bass and loud volume. As usual, Apple products come with a fancy and premium looks. Installed wireless w1 chip is a plus-plus on these earbuds which provides rock solid connection. But still, sometimes the connection drops out according to some users and it needs around 3-5 seconds to reconnect. Battery delivers around 5 hours of continuous listening to your favorite songs. Want to hear something, not on your phone? Go ahead and ask Siri for its recommendations.

Price: $169 USD, $236 AUD

2. Google Pixel Buds

Best wireless Earbuds

The build quality of Google Pixel Buds is okay but they are really comfortable when it comes to ear-gripping. Sound quality is same just like Apple AirPods but the volume is a bit loud comparatively. It is recommended for Android users as you can summon Google Assistant anytime to ask for travel updates. You can do the real-time translation if you own a Pixel. It is really handy if you go to different places around the world and needs locals advice. Battery life is about 4 to 5 hours.

Price: $159 USD, $249 AUD

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3. Erato Verse

Best wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are smaller compared to Apple AirPods and Google Buds. But they provide an excellent sound quality along with good Bass. This is because they maintain a tight seal which improves overall sound quality. You can pretty much avoid any kind of sound if you’re taking off on a plane or traveling somewhere around Europe in an old train. You have an option to use Siri or Google Assistant to keep yourself updated on your journey. Battery time is about 3 hours on average due to its small size.

Price: $170 USD, $272 AUD