Hard drives were used for extending the storage of PC a long time ago. You have to bear long, slow data transfer speeds and their rotating disks. Luckily, times have improved technology. Now in 2018, Fast and reliable solid-state drives abbreviated as SSDs have been introduced. It will make your slow system fast, reduce booting times and speed up data transfers.

The Best SSD 2018 (Solid State Drives)

These SSDs do not require any best PCs so you can easily avail their benefits. The combination of speedy and durable best SSDs and best Gaming laptops looks great. You don’t have to wait for irritating slow loading screens when you play console games. It’s because SSDs features are getting better day by day. Now in 2018, they become cheaper, faster and comes in bigger sizes.

There are many affordable SSDs available on the market. You can view a variety of SSDs on Amazon or any other E-commerce website. Here is a list of best 5 SSDs of 2018 that deserves your attention and time. Each SSD is tested by ourselves so undoubtedly you can spend your money on them.

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1. Samsung 960 Evo:

Best SSD Samsung 960 Evo

Samsung’s advance 3rd generation 3-bit MLC V-NAND flash with smart TurboWrite and M.2 technology and new Polaris controller are used in Samsung 960 Evo. It’s read and write speed is remarkably fast. You can get the benefits of its read performance of 3,200MB/s and write speeds of up to 1,900MB/s. This PCIe Gen, 3.0 x 4 M.2 SSD will enable your PC to run smoothly. The best thing is it offers 1 terabyte of storage space.

What’s good: It offers different sizes and PCIe interface.

What’s bad: It is expensive and power consuming.

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2. Kingston HyperX Predator:

Best SSD Kingston HyperX Predator

Kingston’s HyperX line-up is mainly focused on games. They are also famous for producing cloud gaming headsets. Its range of gaming PCs SSDs is available in two form factors. M.2 2280 and HHHL. Kingston HyperX Predator comes with a performance speed of 1.4GB/s read and 1GB/s write. It offers a storage capacity of 240GB to 960GB and warranty of three years.

What’s good: It’s read and write speed is incredible and it comes with M.2 and half-height form factors.

What’s bad: Expensive.

3. Samsung 960 Pro:

Best SSD Samsung 960 Pro

Samsung 960 Pro gets all benefits of standard NVMe that is specifically created to increase the performance and durability of SSDs. It’s read and write times are up to 3500MB/s and 2100MB/s respectively and M.2 form factor already makes it attractive. It offers incredible 2TB storage capacity but all sizes are not cheap if you want more than you have to pay more for it.

What’s good: Comparatively cheap.

What’s bad: Bit slower compared to Samsung 960.

Toshiba OCZ RD400:

Best SSD Toshiba OCZ RD400

Toshiba OCZ RD400 series of drives are the best option if you need variety. It’s available in three form factors, M.2 2280, M.2 and add-in card. It offers a range of sizes but every size has a different form factor. It comes with storage capacity of 128GB to 1TB. Its 1TB drive is an outstanding product but expensive.

What’s good: It’s available in different varieties.

What’s bad: It’s expensive and lacks 2TB for now.

WD Black PCIe SSD:

Best SSD WD Black PCIe SSD

The WD Black SSD with PCIe Gen, 3.0 x 4 lane interface, NVMe and M.2 form factor comes with a warranty of five years. Its 512GB model offers fast read/write times up to 2050 MB/s and 800MB/s respectively. It does not offer much storage capacity so it’s not ideal for storage but good for OS performance.

What’s good: It offers a long lifespan and comes at an affordable price.

What’s bad: It comes with limited storage space.

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