Best PS4 Games

Best PS4 Games that are a must play!

We gamers always find it hard to select our bast game if given the opportunity. For me, it will always be Dota 2 and yeah then comes the console games. To keep you busy, The TechSeer will present you with the most selling and best PS4 Games out there.

Best PS4 Games of 2018

Horizon Zero Dawn

Best PS4 Games Horizon Zero Dawn

Ever thought about machines dominating our world? Or you in a major role to save this world from the AI era? Now that the humans live as primitive hunter tribes, it is your duty to fight these fearsome big machines from some unknown origin.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you will be playing as Aloy and your mission would be to stop a future threat by revealing and uncovering something secret from the past. Aloy, a young hunter has been shunned from her tribe which made her a solo wolf practicing and harnessing her agility, cunning, and deadly aims through her bow to hunt the machines and saving the tribes.

Horizon Zero Dawn provides you with an engaging and deep role-playing experience involving different tactical combats. You will have various options from advanced technological weapons along with your bow and arrow to take down these machines. Meanwhile, you enjoy vibrant landscapes and walk through stunningly detailed woods, imposing mountains and the atmospheric ruins of a bygone civilization.

Far Cry 5

Best PS4 Games Far Cry 5

Far Cry, the series where you have to stand up every time as a rebellion to liberate your besieged community comes again with Far Cry 5 this time. Hope County, ruled by a charismatic so-called prophet Joseph Seed is infiltrating and changing in every way and you must stand up to save it.

Trapped in Hope County as a junior deputy sheriff, your responsibility is to save the society from the despotic rule of Seed and his Project Doomsday cult. Just like its previous series, you will fight with enemy soldiers and wildlife using different kind of weapons. Later, you will have Fang for Fire and wildlife as your allies to fight alongside you. There is a solid and good storyline along with side quests to make the game somewhat more interesting.

Far Cry 5 is heavily influenced by socio-political events like the Cold War. The open world experience will let you go anywhere you want to in your iconic American vehicles ranging from muscles cars and big rigs to commandeering a plane for epic aerial fights. You can choose your own avatar and customize your character for the first time in this sequel. There are 3 modes namely solo, co-multiplayer, and a competitive multiplayer mode to choose from.


Best PS4 Games Bloodbourne

Bloodborne is an action-role-playing game released in March 2015. Set-up during the Victorian era in the city of Yharnam, the inhabitants are afflicted with the blood-borne disease when you, “Hunter” have to stop the plague by and fighting its source and stop it. During that, you will fight affected beasts and unravel mysteries.

The third-person shooter gamer relies heavily on combats and exploration. You will find bosses at the end of stages. You can use swords and firearms as your weapons to dismantle enemies. During your journey, you will have to find various key items and need to discover the truth before its too late.

Inspiring from places like Romania and the Czech Republic, the director Hidetaka wanted something different and Sony wanted something exclusive for them. The game is praised because of its difficulty level, high texture environment, sound design and game plot. Bloodborne has won various game awards in 2015 and 2016.

God of War 2018

Best PS4 Games God of War

God of War is a single-player action-adventure video game released on April 20, 2018. It is 4th best selling PS4 game. Sony. Although the game has predecessors, the newer version does not come with any subtitle. One of the primary reasons quoted by the management has been their notion to count it as an all-reboot experience.

Previous versions of God of War were based on Greek Mythologies. This eighth installment in the franchise features ancient Scandinavian Norse mythology. In addition, among other changes, the character Kratos will be having a Leviathan Axe as a replacement for double-chained blades. Along with the original release, three special editions will also be introduced.

God of War is considered one of the most popular games and it has earned ‘Most Anticipated Game Awards’ in the international game awards of 2016 and 2017.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best PS4 Games The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a massive narrative-driven action RPG developed and published by CD Projekt in 2015. It’s based on the previously written fantasy novels The Witcher series. The third person perspective game gives you an open world experience where you will battle the game’s numerous dangers with weapons and magic, engage in conversation with the many NPCs while completing minor quests leading up to our main objective.

We follow our protagonist, Geralt on a trail to two women who’ve been lost to him for years, his lover, Yennifer, and his ward, Ciri who’s being chased by the otherworldly Wild Hunt. Also, while we’re at it, it’s not Jerald, it’s Geralt with a ‘G’.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sets an example for all RPGs to come with its numerous Game of the year awards and its many 10/10 ratings. Geralt’s adventurous world is nothing short of a masterpiece. If you’re a fan of intricate combat as well as high-level RPGs, this game is definitely a must.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Best PS4 Games Fortnite Battle Royale

This new simplistic, cartoon-like, battle to the death in a small closure concept game released by Epic Games is taking over the gaming world and has become the talk of the town.

The basic plot of this game is a death match involving 100 players connected online stuck on an island. Once the 100 player slot is filled, the match begins. All players board a virtual hot air balloon bus leading to the island. There’s the initial option of choosing the starting point where the player’s avatar lands by parachute. It typically starts off with an instant killing spree. Depending on the player’s choice to either go out lone wolf style, avoid heavily crowded areas and wait it out while remaining low on ammunition or to go head first in the confrontation zone, take the risk, kill a few players, collect weapons and ammunition and survive.

Another factor that makes the experience exciting is players having only one life. You get killed. You’re out. It’s that simple. Out of 100 players, the last one standing, of course, wins.

The Last of Us Remastered

Best PS4 Games The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered is a remastered version of the original game launched back in 2013 for PlayStation 3. The game has been praised highly for its story, character development, visuals, voice acting, sound design and depiction of LGBT characters.

The players control Joel, a smuggler, in his task of saving a teenage girl named Ellie. They have to travel across buildings, forests, sewers, and towns for their survival as an outbreak of mutant fungus has taken over the world, changing humans into infected species and zombies.  The game revolves around twenty years later into the future when most of the civilization has become infected. The survivors live in either independent settlements or in nomadic groups.

You can use firearms, weapons, and stealth to keep the normal humans or the aggressive creatures off of them. Most of the gameplay is involved in saving Ellie through controlling Joel; the control is given to Ellie in some moments during the game’s winter segment.

Dishonored 2

Best PS4 Games Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2, the sequel to Dishonored (2012) takes place in a fictional city of Karnaca. You can choose to play either as Emily or her father Corvo Attano to reclaim your throne after witch Delilah deposed you. Both of the characters have their own supernatural abilities which the players will have the option to forfeit. You can complete your mission in the Hitman Stealth style or through mass violence.

The action-adventure game is full of stealth elements. You can try new methods of assassination and non-lethal approached by completing side quests. Both characters can wield weapons like swords, crossbows, and pistols along with different type of bombs. The good part is you can finish the game without even taking a single life but you might have to purchase lots of elixir and health items from the shop.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Best PS4 Games Resident Evil 7 BioHazard

Resident Evil 7 presents a unique horrifying experience for the horror lovers out there. Truly chilling and full of tension, it breaks the record set by Resident Evil 4.

It begins with Ethan Winters, your average guy, receiving a tape of his wife who has been missing for three years. Ethan starts the quest to search for his wife only to end up in a deserted and decaying manor in Louisiana where he is trapped by the cannibal Baker family. The game leaves Mia a little behind, leaving only one thing on the player’s mind; get your character out of this horror.

The first person setting makes it absolutely more terrifying. The game focuses on little details that are absolutely necessary for setting the right horror environment. Some of these details are gruesome while some totally some violent that could be exciting for gore fans.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Best PS4 Games Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

Get embark on the mission with notorious brother, Nathan Drake and his brother Sam to find Captain Henry Averys’lost treasure. The retired fortune hunter is once again on the track once his brother is in trouble.

Uncharted: A Thief’s End is a sequel to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception also published by Sony. The game has won various awards and sold over 2.7 million copies in the first week. The third person shooter game is full of surprises, action, and puzzles. You will have to find your way most of the time which could be annoying for you if you don’t like finding a way and solving puzzles.

Your primary character can sprint, drive, shoot, swing with ropes, scale narrow ledges and grapple hooks to find his ways to the next building for some fortune steal. While on the run, you will meet plenty of enemies and you will always have an option to either go silence kill streak or mass murder style.

Watch Dogs 2

Best PS4 Games Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2, a sequel to Watch Dogs is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game is based in San Francisco Bay Area. The third person perspective game delivers an open world environment where your character “Marcus Holloway”, a young hacker has to hack into the city’s advanced surveillance systems along with his tea Dedsec.

There are multiple ways to complete your mission. With each successful assignment, there will be an increased chance of government agencies coming after you. The developers actually consulted real hackers for the authenticity of the missions. You can go mass murdering using weapons and bombs or silent style where you can paralyze your enemies or just by hacking alone. You can drive and shoot just like in most of the other open world games.

The Cooperative multiplayer mode is made for one on one combat. You will connect with other players to neutralize your one single enemy.

Shadow of the Colossus

Best PS4 Games Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus was first initially launched for PlayStation 2. Due to its fame, it was again launched for PlayStation 3 and then an HD remake was done for PlayStation 4.

You will be playing as a young man who must defeat 16 Colossus to rescue a girl. The game is pretty simple with almost no human interactions. I would say perfect for introverts. You will have a defeat different Colossus in different terrains and remote areas. The game starts with a Central point. From there you will have to go to the first Colossus location and defeat him. Once defeated, you will get back to your central point and search for the next one.

Every Colossus can be defeated using different tactics as each of them has their own weak points. The journey to Colossuses are straightforward and you won’t get to meet any other enemies.

Grand Theft Auto V

Best PS4 Games GTA V


Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game based on the whole fictional San Andreas, Southern California. It is currently the third most selling game so far. The single-player game starts with a story following three criminals and their tactics to commit crimes while having pressure from the government agency. The mission involves shooting and driving gameplay inside the city or in the countryside.

The resolution, texture, the frame rate is sharper and much smooth which provides one of the best visualization experience to have. This array of new visual effects would help to make the most of modern graphics cards.

The missions are unique and busier streets thing make it as nearly possible to the real scenes. This really engages the audience in the game. The addition of planes, from crop dusters to massive jumbo jets, only adds to the fun. Multiplayer gaming is a big and notable part of GTA V. In the free-roam mode up to 16 players can easily play.

Nier: Automata

Best PS4 Games Nier Automata

The action role-playing game focus on one to one android combats in the midst of proxy war. Your earth is long gone and humans have moved to another planet. These humans send you (an android) along with your companion and a prototype to earth to fight these bots in an open environment. You will enjoy an action-based combat and mixed genre gameplay.

You can summon a wild animal for help and ride, also you can pilot a mech in certain fights. The player will be alongside a pod and flying robot which will help him during fights. The pods can shield you while flying robot can attack with long range. You can also use melee weapons such as long and shorts swords as well as bracers and spears.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

Best PS4 Games Crash BandicootYou must have played Crash Bandicoot original ones at some point back in your childhood if you are in your late 20s to early 30s. The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is a remaster version of all those 3 Bandicoot games which came out in the 1990s.

Your objective here is to stop the Doctor Neo Cortex who is going to take over the world soon. You can jump and spin to kill your enemies and smash crates. There are various things or collectibles to collect on the side. The game feels pretty nostalgic if you have played the original ones but for the young generation, it could be hard to keep up due to lack of new things. It could get boring after a while.

There are fresh remastered audios and cutscenes along with new dialogues. You can now save your progress through checkpoints which weren’t there in the original versions.

Destiny 2

Best PS4 Games Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game which was released on September 6, 2017. It is a sequel to game Destiny launched in 2014. It has a background of science fiction world where the whole environment is based on role-playing games. One can assume himself as the protector of Earth or a Guardian and there are several other roles as well. So, overall it’s a very different and interesting kind of game. Destiny 2 is positioned at number 3 due to the highest number of downloads it achieved in 2017.

It is a really different game but like every other game, it has its shortcomings as well. But look at the reasons why should you give it a chance. The loading time of the overall game has noticeably been reduced which is one of the best things to consider.

This time there are various kinds of enemies and there are several other techniques to follow in order to kill them. Isn’t it interesting? As all of the gaming movements have been streamlined so, it looks more enjoyable to play now. More customization options for weapons and armor have been added.

Dark Souls 3

Best PS4 Games Dark Souls 3

The fastest selling game Namco’s history has sold over 3 million copies in just 2 months soon after it was released in April 2017.

The Age of Fire is dying out while the coming Age of Dark brings undead. You can link the flames to prolong Age of Fire but Prince Lothric abandoned his duty and wants to see what will happen when the flame dies out. You would want to resurrect old Lords to Cinder in an attempt to link the fire again.

You need to defeat the Soul of Cinder, once defeated you will be given 4 choices to go forward and every choice comes with a different ending. The player can try to keep the Fire lit to prolong the Age of Fire or just let it die and fight these undead demons.


Best PS4 Games Overwatch

The fourth famous franchise of Blizzard Entertainment is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game which was released on March 2016. The game assigns 2 teams of six players, you can choose from over 20 different characters, each having his/her own style, gameplay, and techniques.

You will be securing and then defending your control points on the map. You may also need to escort some object to another place on the map. You can earn different rewards for your accomplishments such as character skin or victory poses. Overwatch was initially released from the idea of Moha and Call of Duty but gained attention due to its competitive ranked mode just like every other multiplayer game nowadays.

The game is completely free but you might have to pay some money to earn additional cosmetic rewards.

Titanfall 2

Best PS4 Games Titanfall 2

Set in a science fiction world, Jack Cooper, a rifleman bonds his Titan BT-7274 after an incident. Now both of them needs to stop a superweapon which is about to launch. You will stay most of the time with your Titan who will have you in completing your missions either utilizing stealth mode or open firearms.

You can go for single player or multiplayer mode. The mecha style exoskeletons and their pilots are equipped with different skills such as wall-running, cloaking, parkour, and grappling.

The single player consists of all these prototypes which are different from one another. The pilot can do lots of moves and have a large range of weapons and ammunition to use for action. You can choose from 6 different Titans. Some are good in defense while others good in attacking. Some can steal powers from other Titans as well.

Battlefield 1

Best PS4 Games Battlefield 1

Inspired by historical events, Battlefield 1 is set in the period of World War I and players can use all the weapons used in that era such as bolt-action rifles, semi and automatic rifles, mustard gas and different kinds of artillery.

Ride horses into the war or take a Dreadnought and Airship because this time the developers have made a larger and more open environment. You can multiple lives in a prologue, when died you can use another soldier to keep up your progress. From rifleman to a tank gunner it’s all up to you. You can see the name of a real soldier whenever someone is dying on the field.

You can join the multiplayer mode up to 64 players. The maps have been chosen from Arabia, Western Front, and the Alps.

The WitnessBest PS4 Games The Witness

The Witness is one of the best first-person puzzle game out there. You will start with an unnamed character on an island with various structures and natural formations. The island is divided into 11 regions, in between there is a mountain.

The regions have different terrains according to their own vegetation. Each region has its own puzzles but most of the puzzles in different regions are similar to each other for instance their symmetry.

There are yellow boxes housing torrents on these regions. Once the puzzle from a certain region is solved, you can activate the turret which then will emerge to send a light signal towards the top of the mountain indicating that this section is solved. Solve all the regions to reach inside the mountain for the final goal.

Call of Duty: WWII

Best PS4 Games call-of-duty-wwii

Releasing it for all platforms, Call of Duty has sold 50,000+ copies in the first hour after its release, left people numb and earned positive reviews.  WWII is based on Normandy D-Day War and vicious battle across Europe through iconic locations in history’s most monumental war.

Call of Duty’s return to World War II is surprisingly a fast-paced take on the classic setting. It provides for a good campaign, a great new mode in multiplayer among other much-needed changes, and a better, scarier face of the war, the “Nazi Zombies”.

The campaign mode feels like the old classic Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 one. You can enjoy long solid missions with a few checkpoints only. The graphics are pretty solid and just to mention there is no “Hitler” in case you are wondering.  There is an open cinematic to every mission along with an ending cinematic to end it.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Best PS4 Games Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

From it’s formidable enemies to it’s humorous NPC interactions, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has taken the world by storm pushing gamers into unchartered territories while still retaining the original charm of the main Legend Of Zelda series.

With its extensive gameplay, impeccable graphics and its new take on reality, the game has earned the fantasy of a majority of the gamers, indulging them in the new and improved version of Hyrule where the word ‘No’ is never the answer. Anything you think you can do is pretty much possible, from climbing trees and mountains to setting grass ablaze, even the realistic antics of the animals has us in awe.

The story starts with the familiar task of defeating Ganon and rescuing Princess Zelda. While the story might be similar to previous editions, its new take on reality makes the game much more interesting and diverse. With this new world being so vast and so open, it was a tough decision to even figure out from where to start, every corner and every cranny held a bigger surprise than the one before never failing to spark our curiosity.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Best PS4 Games Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed: Origins developed and published by Ubisoft is an action-adventure game and the tenth major installment to Ubisoft’s wildly successful Assassin’s Creed series.

Blurring the lines between prequel and sequel, Assassin’s Creed: Origins yanks us into the time of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt as Bayek, our new resident assassin pledged to protect the ruler of Egypt. We’ve got to say, Bayek is our favorite hero as of yet, he beats the likes of other heroes like Ezio Auditore with his compassionate nature and unparalleled humor. The words compassionate and assassin don’t really seem to go together, dothey? Nah this hero delivers punishment to only those who deserve it.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins provides an intense journey through the series most alluring setting yet, the deserts of Egypt, where we battle our concepts of right and wrong in a twisted expedition through corrupt pharaohs and leaders and to love gained and lost. The hierarchy has never been more cruel, working the lower class to death with no one even as much as batting an eye. But I guess we’re here to change that and finally put an end to all that is wrong with our new playground presented to us in the form of Ancient Egypt.

Until Dawn

Best PS4 Games Until Dawn

A group of 8 teenagers decides to spend their holiday in a cabin somewhere in the fictional Blackwood Mountain of Western Canada, one year after the disappearance of 2 twin sisters. Soon as they unpacked they start to feel something weird about that place. A madman is after them!

The horror adventure video game is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and was released in August 2015. The player will play each and every friend who is yet alive. Your task is to make the critical decisions for your group as each decision could take up one of your friend’s life.

The butterfly effect game means there could hundreds of different scenarios based on your choices.

Monster Hunter: World

Best PS4 Games Monster Hunter World

Set in a high fantasy environment, humans and other races have their eyes set on the New World, a home to wild monsters. Monster Hunter World follows the story of the players role-playing as hunters and researchers striving to learn about the New World, an untamed wilderness. The expedition focuses on uncovering mysteries about Elder Dragons, man’s biggest enemy, and the reason they migrate to the New World every ten years.

Players also need to be comfortable with the stats that come with every weapon, item, and skill on Monster Hunter World. The effective gameplay revolves around learning about the New World, its monsters, and its secrets and that can only be done if players have familiarized themselves with those numbers.

The player controls a hunter assisted by a handler, who is part of the Fifth Fleet. They are traveling to the New World when they come across an Elder Dragon, the size of a mountain. After escaping from the dragon, the player sets a base in the New World and takes on quests to explore the area and to find out about the dragon that attacked their ship, Zorah Magdoras.

Red Redemption 2

Best PS4 Games Red Redemption 2

Red Redemption 2 follows the story of an outlaw who goes by the name of Arthur Morgan. The action-adventure game is Western style themed in an open world environment. The member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang, Arthur Morgan will bring back the American Old West which we can only see in movies now.

You will be seeing and wanting some actions back from the age of outlaws and gunslingers, your only options are to ride the horses here and fight back along with 2 old characters from its sequel Red Redemption, John Marston and Dutch Van der Linde.

The third person shooting game has both single and multiplayer option.

Detroit: Become Human

Best PS4 Games Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human has been by far the best cinematic game we have seen which explore the duo of artificial intelligence and emotions. Focused on three androids, the game presents multiple decisions to players leading to different gameplay and multiple endings.

Detroit: Become Human merges just that blend of machines and humans. The game is all about making the right decision. The plot is determined, so it isn’t fair to call this game non-deterministic, but the spanning branches for every decision are numerous. The path isn’t linear, it’s highly dependable on the choice the players make. The human part involves making a choice and later regretting it.

The game presents a future that is possible. Set in 2038, the game developers have made the graphics as realistic as possible, incorporating already invented and near-to-be inventions like autonomous vehicles, drones, and androids equipped with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Best PS4 Games Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice might be the best game developed by Ninja Theory. It reveals the battle of learning to live with past suffering and regrets in various amazing ways.

Senua, a young Celtic warrior, who starts her journey to the Northman homeland to enter in their version of hell, Helheim known as the mythological Norse land of the dead for reclaiming the soul of her loved ones. Complex, reality-defying puzzles and a battle of an apparently infinite horde of opponents will try to stop her in every possible way.

Senua, afflicted by severe psychosis, hear voices, has her own demons and visions as well.  It’s all tackled carefully by the developers with advice from Paul Fletcher, Professor of Health Neuroscience. Hellblade is made on a smaller scale but presents a great experience of combining magnificent vocals, visuals, and gameplay together. It involves historical non-fiction and fictional mythology.