Top 5 Gaming Smartphones 2018

Best Phone for Gaming 2018

Mobile gaming has picked up its spot since the release of a few trending PC games on mobile instead of consoles. For instance, PUBG changed the course of PC gaming in 2017 and Tencent Games released its mobile version in early 2018. Epic Games didn’t stay back in the line and released their trend on iOS mid-February.

Best Phone for Gaming 2018

Top of the chart game developers releasing their top sellers on mobile gives mobile gaming something to look out for. Getting mobile gamers out of 2D time killers and thus asking researchers and developers to develop mobiles that can support such games up to 70+ FPS.


  • Screen Size: Screen size less than 5.7 Inches isn’t for gaming and our
  • Resolution: In an age of 1080P and 4k PC Gaming, games that don’t support 1080P are not in our count list.
  • Screen Type: We only allowed devices with either an AMOLED or IPS LCD, as other screen types don’t support the proper.
  • SoC: Let’s just call SoC the motherboard of a mobile phone on which the CPU and GPU reside.
  • CPU: Can’t rule out the CPU, as the clock speed of a mobile phone play a vital role in determining it’s overall performance.
  • GPU: Graphics Processing Unit that provides you the visuals, and timely rendered effects.
  • Max RAM: Random Access Memory is what allows your smartphone to “remember” multiple actions and states at the same time.

There are some more factors that surely affect the gaming capability of a mobile phone. But they can easily be ignored. Aforementioned hardware specs are the main ones. For the tests, the games we tried were “PUBG and ShadowGun Legends”.

5. Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X with its Bionic A11 chip is the fastest smartphone on the market today, with the bionic A11 Chip Apple iPhone X is one of the fastest smartphones ever seen. Moreover, Apple’s Application Program Interface makes gaming much smoother. iPhone X takes you to a land where FPS is just a number.
3GB Ram and a 5.8 (1125 x 2436) screen make iPhone X a classy mention. Moreover, the powerful RAM and screen size is powered by a 2716 mAH Battery, Making this phone worthy to be a gaming competitor.

4. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus has one of the best GPU’s on the market today. Powered by the same Apple A11 Bionic chipset, the phone offers a gaming experience like no other. Apple introduced their first GPU in this flagship and it renders like a gaming demigod.
3GB of RAM powered by a 2691 mAH battery. Apple iPhone 8 Plus is a must buy if you’re willing to get into mobile gaming.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9+ is right now the world champion of the Android community. It’s a phone that puts up a fight to the death. When I was about to try PUBG on S9+ I was sure it won’t offer the FPS as an iPhone did, but as a shocker even with the large QHD display, S9+ managed to pull off a 90FPS mark on battery mode.

2. Sony Xperia XZ1

It is one of the best gaming smartphones right now. Sony has been long known for its amazing graphics and extra level of textures. With 4GB of Ram and an astonishing 5.2 1080P display, Surely calls out iPhone for a competition.

1. OnePlus 6

Our winner is the OnePlus 6 and there are a few reasons for it. If gaming is your only requirement, this phone is made for you. Smooth frame rates are supported by a powerful SoC and 3300 mAH powerhouse. 6GB of RAM and 6 Inches resolution screen declares this phone the winner.

Smartphone Gaming is already a big industry and just keeps on growing over time. With VR and AR Gaming just around the corner, we hope the mobile phone franchises keep on researching and making the gaming community proud.