The Best Dota 2 Carry heroes

Top Dota 2 Carry Heroes in 2018

Valve is changing Dota 2 so frequently that it is almost impossible to stick to one hero if you want to spam a hero and win in a series to reach a Legend or Ancient level. The patch change does not only change your heroes basic abilities but also the items and your jungle. Anyway, if you still to spam but don’t know which hero to choose from, here is our list of the best Dota 2 Carry Heroes in 2018.

Best Dota 2 Carry Heroes

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Balancing the game is not as easy as it looks and Icefrog and his team have to spend long nights for these updates. As many of us should know this, I personally nerfed Riki in the previous patch and increased my MMR by 600 just from Riki. Enough with the talking, now let’s take a look at our Top 10 Best Dota 2 Carries of this season.

1. Spectre

Spectre Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

Spectre has been long known as one of the heroes which cannot be countered late game. Even with items like Nullifier and Silver Edge, it’s hard to kill a late-game Spectre. The passive Blademail and Pure Damage will not let you take down this hero so easily.

Recommended items for Spectre:

I would not advise you to directly go for Radiance on the Spectre unless your team has Early game nukers or if the score is not balanced out and your opponents are not coming easy. Start with Boots and then Vanguard. I would personally then go either choose to go for “Manta Style”, “Diffusal Blade” or Radiance but remember Vanguard is a must.

2. Juggernaut

Juggernaut Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

Juggernaut is the second most picked hero if you want to counter heroes like Axe and Bristleback. The good thing is you can play this hero in many styles depending on your enemy heroes and their build. Not many people can counter a full slotted Juggernaut because it is one the hero whos ulti cannot be countered by a Linkin even.

Recommended items for Juggernaut:

Most of the people usually go for “Phase Boots” followed by “Battlefury” on this hero and then go to the jungle for farm strategies like AntiMage.

Go for items like Manta Style and Abyssal Blade if you have heroes with Silencing abilities such as “Drow Ranger” and “Clinkz”. They won’t be able to nuke you.

One of the biggest mistake most of us do this by not making a BKB on this hero if there are too many disablers and team fights. I know that its first skill makes it magic immune but its compromise on the speed and if you are up against heroes like “Phantom Assassin”, then you are done!

3. Ursa

Ursa Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

Ursa is one of the most played heroes in Pubs when it comes to spam. Why? You don’t really need anything on this hero. Just a Boots of Speed and you are good to go. This agility hero has tanky abilities to counter almost all of the heroes in the early and mid game.

Recommended items for Ursa:

As told earlier, start with a Boots of Speed if you want to harass from level 1 or go with a stout shield and quelling blade with healing items. Harass your opponent early game as much as you can. Melee heroes can never stand a chance against Ursa but a sniper pick could be in your disadvantage, nevertheless, make sure your positioning is always right and you can easily win your lane. Necessary builds include Abyssal Blade, Dagger, BKB Shadow Blade and Mask of Death.

4. Anti-Mage

Anti-Mage Best Dota 2 Carry HeroOne of the most picked heroes in Chinese server is Anti-Mage. Why? Due to its easy creeping and farming style, people love it but the team mostly has to compromise for it. Anti-Mage is no doubt one of the best carry heroes out there but you need to learn when to pick this hero if you want to spam it.

Recommended items for Anti-Mage:

Start from a stout shield and quelling blade and buy Treads and Ring of Aquilla, don’t go directly for a Battlefury as most of us want to make this item as fast as we can, on this hero. You will die more than you and your team is going to blame you. If there are heroes like Axe, Bristleback or a Phantom Assassin in mid, I would recommend you to go for Vanguard first as well. Anti-Mage is the main target early games in most of the games. Never ever blink to the enemy’s side without any vision, you will be inviting your death. Heroes like Clinkz, PA, Legion Commander and or even Wind Ranger are waiting for this to happen. That’s why like I said build Tanky items first to survive and then make your Battlefury and other items.

5. Phantom LancerPhantom Lancer Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

Phantom Lancer is one of the emerging heroes in Dota 2 current MMR. This hero can take down Medusa and Storm Spirit easily but a Phantom Assassin or Earth Shaker can do heavy damage to PL. The hero has been played a lot of time in the past international matches and many people still try to spam it but you can easily counter it.

Recommended items for Anti-Mage:

Start with the typical stout shield and quelling blade followed by the Aquilla ring; You can then go for treads and diffiusal blade. To counter silence, you can make Manta Style on it after the blade. Make some tanky items like Eye of Skadi and Heart of Tarrasque to counter heroes like Earth Shaker. Remember to take -7s cooldown on level 25 if you are facing too many spells. Some players also choose to make a Hood of Phantom Lancer early game.

6. Gyrocopter

Gyrocopter Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

I haven’t seen a lot of people spamming Gyro as this hero relies heavily on its team in the mid and late game. Its AEO damage is like no other but you need to trust your team if you want to play this hero. Gyro has been banned a lot in international matches and was one of the most picked heroes in 2017 matches.

Recommended items for Gyrocopter:

Start off with an Acquilla Ring followed by the Phase Boots and Sange Yasha preferably. A BKB on the Gyro is a must if the enemy team has disablers and too many spells. Learn to tank if you want to play this hero. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. Gyrocopter is all about positioning, you need to be in a position from where you can attack most of the enemy heroes with his range. Hurricane Pike would help you a lot on this hero.

7. Riki

Riki Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

One of the most banned heroes in pubs is Riki. Why? Ever seen what a Riki does to Agility and Intelli heroes late game? Riki is not considered a Carry but you can play it like one. A Rikimaru does not need all his slots full. It is played as a Carry nuker and unlike previous patches, a bounty hunter or a Slardar does not really counter it anymore.

Recommended Items on Riki:

I would usually start with a quelling blade and stout shield and will move on to a Diffiusal Blade directly. Reason for that? With a Diffiusal Blade, Riki can probably kill most of the Intelli and Agility heroes early and mid game. It is pretty easy to kill a “Shadow Fiend” but make sure to kill a “Shadow Fiend” with Riki’s ulti unless you want to die because of the gathered souls. You can buy a Dagger to evade enemy once you are in you Ulti. You can use Dagger to evade quickly during your Ulti.

8. Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

Unlike other heroes, you need to pick Storm Spirit wisely. This hero is not good against Riki and Silencer or Drow Ranger and needs a lot of farm to carry its team. It has been played lots of time in the international matches but its very difficult to play if you are not that expert. You need at least 2 nukers in your team who can buy Storm enough time.

Recommended Items on Storm Spirit:

Start with a null talisman followed by the Bottle, Kaya and then Orchid. I would recommend you to do Linkin Sphere first if there are Disablers as Storm Spirit is really prone to any kind of magical or physical damage if he is caught. If the enemy team has more than 2 melee heroes then make sure to go for Aghanim Scepter for late game. You will be amazed to see what an Aghanim Sceptor on Storm Spirit can do late game in a team fight. Also, ask your team to save you runes like “Regeneration” and “Arcane” if you want to be more effective in team fights.

9. Terrorblade

Terrorblade Best Dota 2 Carry Hero

Terrorblade, once forgotten is now back in this Dota 2 patch. Even though this hero can only fight if it has its third skill (metamorphosis), still it manages to take 2-3 kills in a team fight just because of its illusion skill. Terrorblade is not an easy hero to play. You need to use your third skill pretty effectively only for team fights and this hero is not of much use without this skill.

Recommended Items on Terrorblade:

You can start with a quelling blade and stout shield and some healing items then move on to Aquilla Ring and Treads. For mid game, make Manta Style and Hurrikane Pike. Make sure if there is an Earth Shaker on the opponent team then you can go for Sange Yasha instead of Manta as Earth Shaker can do heavy damage to you and this hero does not have much HP to survive in the early game.