Either intentionally or unintentionally a tiny contact with a computer-virus can bring havoc to the entire computer system. The result: tireless efforts to recover data, mourning over the lost memories and the possible extra costs to replace the system. Malicious viruses have been found to affect individuals as well as organizations. National Health Service (NHS) suffered a catastrophic viral attack in 2017. You can have a look at these Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018.

The Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018

Choosing the best antivirus tool for your system is a one-time decision with long-lasting consequences. One needs to be protected from the existing viruses as well as the future electronic-infections. New computer viruses are germinating at a rapid pace, which demands the antivirus software to stay updated in a continuous manner. The anti-virus commando force must be able to eclipse the malicious viral motives.

A criminal today when hatching a devilish plot tries to surmount the barriers. In the same way, notorious virus engineers try to procreate germs that have the capability to move past the safety measures already in place.

Surprisingly, compared to the potential miscellaneous losses incurred due to such malicious attacks, installing an effective anti-virus software program is not a big investment. Similarly, one needs to ensure a safe browsing experience on the internet. To meet such a purpose, most of the antivirus software developers also offer internet security packages. Security of personal data is also an utmost concern.

Antivirus software, to be further evaluated for comparisons, is tested in an environment contemplating lab settings. Two computer-security companies, German AV-test.org, and the British SELabs, are reputable names in testing the software packages from various angles so as to form well-inform analyses. The testing parameters involve measuring the candidate’s (antivirus program in this case) ability to root-out existing threats as well as their capability to smell out the threat on way.

Various free and paid antivirus software packages are available in the market. While the paid versions mostly come up with multiple features and a technical support service, the free editions are, primarily, restricted to detection and removal of threats. Packages including internet security, in addition, contain features such as firewalls, parental controls, and identifying theft protection. Here goes the list of five best anti-virus software. Here is the Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018 list.

1. Bitdefender Total Security 2018

Best Antivirus software Bitdefender Total Security 2018

  • Average Price: $25.99 (One year)
  • Developer: Bitdefender (Founded in 2001)

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 comes at the top position in our Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018 list. The compatible platforms include Windows, Mac OS, and Android. A centralized web portal is used to oversee the performance and manage its different functionalities.

One of its important features is the double-layer defense that, in addition to the Advanced Threat Defense technology, is also able to have a dedicated layer for shielding user-protected folders. The package comes with protection against banking-frauds and online hacking.

Statista.com ranks Bitdefender ninth in the list of top international anti-malware vendors.

2. Norton Security Deluxe 2018

Best Antivirus software Norton Security Deluxe 2018

  • Average Price: $21.99 (One year)
  • Developer: Symantec Corporation (Founded in 1982)

Norton has been earning a reputational rating since its introduction to the antivirus software industry and its Norton Security Delux 2018 has secured the second position in our Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018 list. Its decency in operation can be gauged from the fact that, upon detection of a threat, it breaks its silence and prompts the user within no time.

The versatile package of Norton Security Deluxe 2018 also includes a Norton Studio app to facilitate the user to manage the protection of other connected devices in a centralized manner. Some of its prominent features include the ability to guard the internet browser, protect the user from online scams and performance enhancement tools etc.

3. ESET Internet Security 10

Best Antivirus software ESET Internet Security 10

  • Price: $20.99 (One year)
  • Developer: ESET (Founded in 1992)

In addition to offering a unique and proven protection experience, ESET Internet Security 10 offers a system management tool. The system management tool, Syninspecter, displays the overall security status. In case the system gets into the hand of a thief, ESET has a facility for you. The social media scanner can let you send a video message to the stealer. Another feature, Home Network Protection tool, shows you all of the connected devices so as to remain cautious in case one’s Wi-Fi connection is susceptible to hacking.

ESET Internet Security 10 comes at the third position in our Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018 list.

Some of the other worthwhile features include router scanning, phishing protection, spam blocking, and a secure webcam experience, to name a few. One can easily keep the system performance and network activity well-monitored. Files not known or suspicious can be submitted for analysis.

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The mobile element of the security package contains an alert system to prompt the user when an unknown SIM is inserted and a mechanism to filter SMS messages and calls.

4. BullGuard Premium Protection 2018

Best Antivirus software BullGuard Premium Protection 2018

  • Average Price: $29.95 (One year)
  • Developer: BullGuard (Founded in 2002)
  • Headquarter: London, United Kingdom

BullGuard Premium Protection 2018 ensures to keep your PC well-protected. Primarily intended for ensuring protection for home networks, the package offers an all-inclusive feature to guard any internet-connected device in certain premises making it one of the safest software in our Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018 list. It has another novel feature with which any personal data leaked onto the internet can be traced.

Parents can install it on their children’s smartphones. It has a Parental Control feature that can keep a record of the smartphone usage and trace the location of his/her incoming calls and text messages etc.

To help gaming-enthusiasts play uninterruptedly and keep an eye on the CPU performance BullGuard features a CPU performance monitor. A wide variety of scanning options and categories are provided.

5. Kaspersky Total Security

Best Antivirus software Kaspersky Total Security

Average Price: $29.99 (One year)

Developer: Kaspersky Lab (Founded in 1997)

Headquarter: Moscow, Russia

Kaspersky Total Security offers a security promising safekeeping of your computer system and internet threats. The internet guard can detect any website attempting to track the user or trying to steal personal information.

It is good for users who make frequent online bank transactions. Today’s Hackers are adept at stealing passwords. They use ‘keylogger’ programs that record the keystrokes. Kaspersky has the solution: it offers an on-screen keyboard thus making it one of the recommended solution and securing the 5th position in our Best Antivirus software for Windows 2018 list.

Just like traffic lights that turn different lights, to prompt the user, Kaspersky Security also has an indicator to depict the security-status. The color ‘green’ means secure while ‘orange’ indicates the existence of a problem. The Software Cleaner finds out useless applications and deletes them.

Moreover, files thought to be suspicious can be sent, even before opening, to Kaspersky Cloud for further testing and analysis. That is, millions of Kaspersky Security users collaborate with each other and help build a hyper-secure computing experience. Another suchlike feature facilitates the user in decision-making so that only programs deemed trusted by Kaspersky Security are installed.

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