Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift was introduced two years ago in 2016. It was the first mass created virtual reality headset. The VR landscape has changed into a considerable force since its launch. The Oculus Rift provides video gaming fans to entertain their game fellows in a three dimensional, fascinating world where they can meet each other with the help of their glasses.

Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift has opened wonderful doors to give the users mesmerizing and thrilling views from just a headset. After its release, many notable games have introduced on the hardware. The headset uses Oculus Touch controllers for motion control.

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Game: Eagle Flight

The Oculus Rift price also got reduced. The price of Oculus Rift for the headset, touch controllers, and two sensors start from $399 USD. The cut down in price makes a big difference in the price of HTC Vive, the close competitor of Rift. Even after the price reduction of HTC Vive, it is still expensive than Rift.

You may know this already if you ever use VR display that Oculus Rift needs a PC connection using wire to get more power supply to run two resolution images of pixels 1080×1200. For enjoying Rift’s features, you need an excellent gaming PC instead of an ordinary PC.

Earlier the minimum spec was 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 290 graphics card and quad-core Intel Core i5 CPU. Now, the minimum spec is an Intel i3 rather than Intel i5 and graphics card starts from the NVidia GTX960.

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How it works:

Imagine you are standing on the top of a 6,000m high mountain. Looking down at the running stream below you. Imagine feelings of having butterflies in your stomach and the fear of falling down at any moment. Picture the next scene now.

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You are falling down from the mountain. You are afraid and feeling helpless at the same time. The worst moment when you hit the ground is waiting for you.

But in reality, you have not moved, run or fell down during all this occurring. In fact, you are watching the screen and lying on your bed at your place. You are exactly at the same place where you were earlier only your feelings have changed.

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Oculus Rift review 3So the use of virtual reality involves all this. Without leaving your place, to feel the adventure of roaming around the world or some other strange place that you have not seen in real life.

After the struggle of four-year research, Kickstarter was the platform on which this unique product launched. It made a business of $2 million. Then Facebook purchased it.

Oculus Rift shipping that began in 2012 with developer kit 1 is the fourth progress of the headset also the first available unit in the market.

Final verdict:

The adventure of virtual reality is enchanting and magical. It is an exciting product for people who like adventures and innovative technology. Oculus will be a masterpiece of technology in the gaming industry, one day. But at this time, it looks like a new innovation rather than a true need of life. It is fun to use it but the entertainment is not everlasting. The games are fascinating but after some time you will get fed up with it easily.