Apple iPad 2018 Review

Apple iPad 2018 9.7 Review

The latest Apple iPad has been revealed at Apple event held in Chicago. The new Apple iPad 2018 (9.7 inches) is pretty great but, nothing too exciting. The target audience for this Apple product is mainly the educators and the student body. A $10 discount shall be given to each student and educator upon their purchase. It was announced on the 27th of March 2018 and no release date has been specified as of yet. The insider’s reports state that it is to be released in the first week of April.

Apple iPad 2018 Review

The new iPad is merely a faster and a little better version of the iPad 2017 with a support for Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is probably the best and only significant difference between the 2017 and 2018 model of iPad. The new iPad is available in 32GB/128GB Wi-Fi and 32GB/128GB LTE. The price starts at $329 US Dollars and gets more expensive when it goes to the 128GB and the LTE range.

The look and design

Apple did not put much work into the design of the new iPad. It has the same shape, weight, dimensions as the earlier versions of the iPad. Furthermore, it comes in the same basic color palette which Apple follows such as, rose gold, gold, silver and space grey.

The Camera

The camera seems to be the most important part of any device we purchase due to the selfie craze that shows no sign of dying down. The good news is that the camera is true to the quality of Apple but the picture quality of iPad 2018 is the same as iPad 2017, such as 8-megapixel stills and 1080p for video recording. Still, it is way better than most of the android based tablets and smartphones.

Any new features?

The basic features of the new iPad 2018 are nothing new nor exciting. The only new feature is that due to its support of Apple Pencil, the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers allow you to directly write on the document by using the stylus. Another thing that is new is the better and much faster processor A10. Apart from this, everything else is pretty much the same as the previous 2017 model.

The most exciting feature?

The most exciting feature is that this new iPad supports the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is a pretty expensive stylus which has the ability to draw and write with fine precision and accuracy. It is excellent for digital sketching and drawing on angles. It is also very easy to recharge through Lightening but, it has its cons as well. The iPad 2018 still does not have anything to clip the Apple Pencil with it so, it is most likely to get lost or roll on tables unless you put in behind your ears.

iPad 2018 Vs. iPad Pro

The new iPad seems to be a cheaper version of the iPad Pro 10.5. The screen display and speakers of the iPad 2018 are not as good as the iPad Pro. With loud quad speakers and a much larger screen display of 10.5 inches, the iPad Pro wins the game. The new iPad 2018 also lacks true tone which is a color adjusting technology. But, they have pretty much the same features. So, if you want an affordable version of the iPad Pro then you should definitely purchase the new iPad 2018.

Expectations vs. Reality

After the release of iPad Pro, the customers were expecting a lot from the new iPad but it was a bit disappointing. Sure, it is a great device at this price but, it lacks a lot of features that were a must. The people were expecting a clip for the Apple Pencil. They were also expecting a larger storage considering the iPad Pro’s storage went up to 512GB. This gave the people the impression that the new iPad 2018 might have storage up to 256GB. But, the best part is that the students and the people from the education sector will receive 200GB free iCloud storage. Battery life is same 10 hours just like most of the Apple products.

  • Faster A10 processor
  • Supports Apple Pencil
  • Best selection of apps
  • A responsive and stunning Retina Screen
  • Unlaminated screen
  • Lacks big screen display
  • The add-ons are too expensive
  • does not fulfill expectations

The Final Verdict

If you have a recent version of an iPad like the 2016 or the 2017 model then it is not a good idea to purchase this new iPad. But, if you have a lagging and old model like the iPad Mini, Air or the iPad 2 then you should definitely get your hands on this new version. It will prove a faster, lighter and a better product for you. Overall, the new iPad 2018 deserves an 8.5/10.