far cry 5 review

Far Cry 5 Review: A must play game

Far Cry 5 released on 27th March 2018 and has been receiving quite a mixed response. Action enthusiasts love it but, devoted gamers are not a fan. This game is all about unexpected chaos and silly action. Far Cry 5 is compatible with Xbox One, PC, and PS4 at an approximate price of 49.99 euros.

Far cry 5 review

A serious story is being told in a very goofy setting which does not gel in much. Despite all the fun and the action, the vibe of the game is hollow and it remains the same throughout the game. The game is a satirical depiction of America’s obsession with guns and religious cults. The game is chaotic from the start till the end. It feels as if the developers of the game deprived it of context intentionally. Far Cry 5 makes fun of the current political scenario of America without passing any direct remarks.

The Story

Although the depiction of the story is weak and bland, it deals with some of the very serious issues in America. Far Cry 5 revolves around four great villains, each having their own story. The main villain of the game is Joseph Seed or better known as Father Seed.

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In a rural Hope County called Montana, Father Seed has gathered an armed force which is bewitched by Seed’s charisma. His followers are known as Seeds and have the belief that Father Seed can do nothing wrong. The Seeds are a religious Christian cult who drive around, play Christian music and shoot any non-believers they find on their way. The cult’s mission is to end the power of the State.

As mentioned earlier, there is chaos from the start. Even when you think you are done with your mission by capturing Father Seed and taking him to your helicopter, his followers shoot your helicopter down. There are constant plot twists and unexpected attacks and silliness throughout the whole game.

The Central Villain

farcry 5 villianThe central villain of Far Cry 5 is quite a character. He is strong, persuasive, charismatic and not your regular pastor. He has his hair held back in a man bun and his body is covered with religious tattoos and iconography. There is an unnerving tension around him. It feels as if something explosive is about to happen even with a small movement.

The Main Character

 Far-cry-5-main characterThe main character of the game does not have a name, you will just hear him being called rookie or deputy in different levels of the game. The character does not even talk. You can choose to be a male or a female and that is pretty much it.

The Mission

You are a Deputy Sheriff who is on the mission to capture Father Seed and destroy his cult by liberating the factories and farms. Your mission throughout the game is to shoot and fight off fanatics who are either trying to kidnap you or murder you. That is not all, there are side missions as well which have their own villains. There are some parts in the game where you have to hunt crazy animals like moose and bears, drive and explode airplanes and trucks, listen to cannibalistic descriptions and find the correct ingredients for a food festival called Testy Festy.

The Playground

far cry 5 review3The game is based on the wilderness of Montana which is not very exotic but, there are a lot of options. The playground consists of many things to shoot and explode. There is a crazy number of guns just lying in specific places. You can find cars, airplanes, and trucks to drive around. The arcade cabinets make the game a lot more interesting than it actually is. You will find a lot of wild animals running around, some of which are your allies. The open world also includes a never-ending supply of crazy religious fanatics.

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Druggies or Zombies?

Just as you get rid of the crazy religious fanatics, you end up with the ‘good guys’ who are torturing people for information under the effect of a drug named bliss. You can easily tell which one of them are drugged and which ones are not. They are drugged if they have a green cloud over their heads. The drug somehow dehumanizes those people and you feel as if you are shooting zombies instead of human beings.

The Arcade Mode

far cry 5 arcade

The game also consists of an arcade mode which can be played solo or co-op. This mode allows you to create challenges by using a powerful map editor. The best part is that you can share these challenges with other players. Due to this, the other players are able to earn perks and cash which benefits the campaign. These challenges are very easily accessible throughout the game. To access these side challenges, just look for the arcade cabinets which are easily available around the Hope County. The arcade mode is fun and really adds variety to the overall absurd yet, bland game.


  • Has a less restrictive playground.
  • Four great villains each with their own motive.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Loaded with action.
  • Vibrant characters and intricately designed scenery.
  • Arcade and Co-op mode adds to the fun.
  • Amazing gunplay.


  • No motive to play.
  • Gets boring and mundane.
  • Not a lot of variety.
  • Repetitive missions.
  • A bland story with weak characters.
  • Not engrossing enough as compared to Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.
  • Open world contradicts the narrative.
  • Does not focus much on the other villains.

Final Verdict

The game is great for action lovers but, not for people who are more into goal-oriented game playing. It has come top on the TechSeer 2018 games list. It consists of amazing graphics, gunplay and beautiful scenery. Far Cry 5 is a fun game for people who just want to roam around and shoot people, drive around and explode random things. Overall, this game deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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