Fitbit Versa Review

Fitbit Versa Review! Can it compete with an Apple watch?

Fit Bit’s latest smartwatch, the Versa, has gained the attention of all the fans of Fit Bit’s Smartwatches. It wasn’t long enough for the release of its previous smartwatch, the Ionic.

Fitbit Versa Review

To maintain the excitement and to ensure the success of the launch they introduced some fresh tools such as customizable clock face option. The price is almost half of what you will pay for an Apple watch base model. Currently, it is retailing for $170USD or $269AUD Amazon Australia.

Design and Display

The Versa has a completely fresh look as compared with the previous smartwatches. It’s designed by the Fit Bit as a square display with round edges known as Squircle watch face. They claim that the Versa is the lightest weighing smartwatch in their entire collection due to its ultra-thin anodized aluminum case and angled design. Its screen size is 34mm diagonal by 24.075mm high and 24.075mm wide, which makes it smaller than the Ionic. It is available in three designs: one is rose gold with peach silicon band, second is silver pebble with grey silicon band and third is black with black silicon band. The silicone bands are stain proof. Versa is water resistant up to 50 meters.


The Fit Bit Versa has all the features of their previous models except built-in GPS. Instead, it can connect to both Android and Apple smartphones. The only drawback of the exceptional feature is that if you prefer running without your Smartphone then the smartwatch won’t be able to track you. It has the ability to measure the steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, automatic sleep and activity tracking. It reminds you to get moving at least once in an hour just like your regular Apple watch. This feature is only limited till daytime. It helps you to improve your routine which includes your sleep, exercise, and workouts with the use of Pure Pulse heart rate monitoring. Adding up to this it also monitors your heart health by the use of its green LED light which measures your blood flow. It contains SpO2 sensor which monitors your oxygen levels to ensure that it doesn’t drop below 95% as it is the sign of hypoxia.


Fit bit Versa contains a series of built-in workouts. When it comes to tracking there are options in the exercise app including cycling, swimming, running and HIIT workout. Whichever exercise you choose it provides you with additional multiple variables according to the type of exercise. Like for example, the swimming option will show the lengths and meters you have swam with time. At the end of these exercises, it will display your workout summary. It gives you accurate measures with help of Fit Bit’s Smart Track feature which uses a 3-axis accelerometer to detect the movements.

Motivation is very important for a person to continue their exercise. Keeping this in mind the Fit Bit app has been made in such a way that it gives you weekly challenges either in the opposition of your previous workouts or in the comparison of other Fit Bit users.

Other Apps

Fit Bit believes that health is not all about burning calories but also how well you sleep. The Versa includes an in-depth sleep tracker which measures different stages of your sleep. It does not only monitor your sleep cycles but also helps you to wake up by its silent alarm feature that buzzes on your wrist and will snooze for nine minutes if not dismissed.

Apart from this, it helps you to be calm by its personalized breathing sessions based on your heart rates. Focusing on females it features female health tracker which allows the user to track their menstrual cycle. By logging the menstrual data and adding the symptoms, the Versa, predicts when the user will be expecting their periods in the upcoming month.

The Fit Bit smartwatch does not only works best for the exercise mode but it also contains over 500 apps. There is a music app which can control up to 300 songs. You can load your favorite songs using Fit Bit Connect Desktop. Apart from this Fit Bit has a partnership with Deezer music which provides you with a 3-month free trial. Comparing to your smartphone, Fit Bit Versa contains all the necessities and utility apps like flashlights, world clock, and calculator. In addition to this all the notifications of your phone are displayed and also you can reply all the messages by the use of Fit Bit’s Quick Reply which contains pre-written responses and also users can customize up to five quick replies to text messages.

Performance and battery life

Fit Bit doesn’t charge via traditional micro USB but its charger comes with a clip in the dock which is much easier to charge then its previous model due to Ionic’s magnetic pin. As claimed by Fit Bit, the Versa’s battery life is four days which is shorter then Ionic’s five days. Our tech guys made it to barely 3 days of heavy use which is pretty good.